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How to keep youth?

While the girl is young, she enjoys her beauty, leads a non-rational way of life, goes to bed late, eats the wrong food and doesn’t think at all about how to keep her youth in the future. While you are young, it seems to you that youth will last forever. In fact, beauty and youth pass very quickly, therefore, in order to look good and feel good, you should follow some rules.

Save spiritual youth

To begin, let's talk about spiritual youth. Many women after 40 years of age begin to feel that they are useless, forgotten and ugly. Children slowly grow up, acquire their friends and children, friends of the woman have their own families, and over time, some of the fair sex fall into serious depression. In fact, it does not take a lot of effort to keep the spirit young. In order not to feel like an old woman in 30-40 years old, you need to constantly be busy with something. Now there are a huge number of clubs in interests, clubs. You can choose what you like.Perhaps you have always dreamed of cooking, but you did not have enough time for this? At 40 years old - it's time to do your favorite hobby. Perhaps you are constantly not happy with your figure. Then you go straight to the gym. So you can correct the shape, increase immunity and get a lot of friends. All sports clubs often hold corporate parties, joint attacks on nature, which should rally the team of both clients and instructors.

Find a lesson like

If you do not know how to preserve youth and beauty, then here's a tip for you: always do something. Employment is the best medicine for the blues, bad mood and all sorts of ills. If you get used to always be active, to be interested in something, not to sit still for a second, then it is not necessary to talk about aging for a long time.

Watch yourself

As for the beauty of the outside, to remain attractive for themselves and for men in middle age is a great art for a woman who is given to master everyone, but not everyone pays enough attention to such a delicate issue. All women who find the first wrinkles start to worry about how to keep their faces young, but not everyone is ready to admit it.Many women who do not know how to keep their skin young and already at 40 look 60 years old, proudly say: “But I don’t try to look better than my years.” In fact, this is a wild lie, which is aimed at self-defense. In fact, these women suffer from their fading skin and lost beauty, which only ten years ago attracted the surrounding men. Women are arranged so that they always want to be liked by men - without due attention from their side, women involuntarily start to fade and cease to look after themselves.

Modern ecology is the enemy of beauty

The main factor that affects our appearance is ecology. Our ancestors lived the same way as we did, except for the fact that they did not breathe gas from cars, did not go out to the dusty city due to construction sites, did not eat genetically modified products. Here our grandmothers and great-grandmothers even looked like 80-year-old healthy women at the age of 80 (you can read about this in more detail in the article at: “How to be beautiful every day?” - it tells you how to always beautiful).

Watch out for food

To know how to keep youth after 40, you need to eat right in the first place.After 25, the body begins to gradually rebuild, so you can no longer eat fast food every day and continue to look great and feel great. The skin receives the main nutrients from the inside, so food is the main source of vitamins and nutrients, and only then - aesthetic procedures and cosmetics.

Even if you have a catastrophic lack of time, stop eating perpetual sandwiches, sugary drinks and buns. Try to eat more dairy products, fresh fruit. It is very useful for the skin to drink fruit and vegetable juices in the morning, and not to drink coffee during the day, but the usual juice from the package, fruit drink, purified water or high-quality green tea.

Vitamins E and A, as well as antioxidants, actively influence the slowing down of the aging process of the skin. These substances are found in unrefined vegetable oil, eggs, liver, oily fish, nuts, seeds, and avocado.

So that the skin is always smooth, sulfur must be present in it. It can be obtained from garlic and onions. The softness and tenderness of the skin is achieved by eating oysters, liver, pumpkin seeds, sardines.

The elasticity of the skin is supported by iron, which can be found in liver, boiled clams, cocoa powder, apples, celery, sesame and many other products.

Vitamin B can be found in black bread and in cheese.

Less sunshine

Another way to delay the aging of the skin is not to expose it to harmful sunlight. The face in this regard is the most unprotected place on the body, since it is always open to the sun, and not only on the beach. Therefore, if you feel that the skin on the face feels worse in spring and summer, then do not go outside without sunscreen, even if the sky is overcast. There are so many such creams, and they perfectly moisturize the skin. Sunscreens may also be present in a conventional cream. The lips are also part of the face, and they also need to be protected. There are special lipsticks in which there is a sun filter, and in the summer, and especially on vacation, it is desirable to use just such lipstick and gloss.

Beauty treatment

For skin that is on the verge of aging, you need to care in a certain way, using special cosmetics. The first stage is cleansing.Cleansing is not a make-up removal, but a conclusion from the pores of the skin of daytime make-up residues, dirt and dust accumulated in the pores during the day. Cleaners are represented mainly by lotions and serums. Moisturizer is usually applied to cleansed skin. Creams exist for day and night use. You need to choose them in accordance with your age, and be sure to pay attention to the composition in order not to get an allergic reaction instead of young, radiant skin.


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