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How to kill Keyran?

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How to kill Keyran?

Many fell in love with the gray-haired witcher Geralt from Rivia, the hero of a series of novels by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, as well as games about the witcher. The game "The Witcher 2" is particularly popular among gamers. It has everything: the charismatic main character, the twisted storyline, and interesting quests. The first serious fight awaits the player in the Kayran mission. Here you need to destroy a strong monster, which is not so easy to cope with the first time. Today we will talk about how to kill Kayran, which battle tactics are best used.

What can not be done?

Before you kill Kayran, your witcher must prepare. First, let's talk about common mistakes in this battle:

  • don't stand right in front of the monster - he can catch you;
  • don't come too close to Kayran - he spits poison;
  • the position on the side is also dangerous - the enemy can beat with side tentacles;
  • do not let the monster out of sight for a second; as soon as you notice that he wants to strike - jump to the side.

"The Witcher 2": How to kill Keyran

Before the battle, you can drink elixirs for the regeneration of health and energy, for example, Swallow. As soon as the monster appears on the screen, immediately jump to the side - otherwise Geralt will be stunned by the blow of the tentacles. Your goal - to cut off the side tentacles, which have thickening, with the front can not do anything. Trace the trajectory of the side tentacles. Put on this place a sign Yrden, which immobilizes the enemy. Thus, the tentacle will fall into the trap, and you can safely cut it with a silver sword. You need to cut off the three side tentacles.

In the interval between these heroic actions, you will need to run from side to side, dodging violent attacks and poisonous spitting of the enemy.

At the end of the battle, part of the bridge will collapse on Kayran, and he will use stones as missiles. Geralt will need to cruise under a hail of stones. You can restore health by hiding under a large debris. Your task is to climb up close to the monster by the remains of the bridge on the left. If you manage to dodge the blows, then Geralt successfully threw a bomb into Keyran, and the battle will be over.


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