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How to lay tiles

Work must begin with laying tiles on the floor or flooring. After that facing is performed. Cladding is carried out by fastening the tiles to a vertical surface.
First you need to make a tie and install beacons. Straight or diagonal tile layering on the mortar is done immediately after the screed is made. By marking, you need to lay intermediate, as well as frieze rows of tiles. Three eachtilein all corners of the room should be placed in the frieze lighthouse rows. Also on the line of the frieze you need to lay a few more tiles. They should be at a distance of 2.5 meters from each other. The intermediate row is placed only in a large room, which has an area of ​​more than 10 square meters.
Smooth and wet screed should be covered with a thin layer of cement. Prearrangedtilewe stack in intermediate and lighthouse rows. A little press them to the base. Tiled floors should be laid out in separate bands-occupants along the entire wall. Grips should be about 50 centimeters wide.
Before laying the floor of ceramic tiles, you need to level the base well. If the base is uneven and the screed has already hardened, the flooring is carried out in another way. Align the screed and fastentileneed using cement mortar. Screed should be moistened with water. After that, a 10 mm thick layer of the solution is applied to the screed. When laying tiles you need to embed them in the solution for 3-5 millimeters, while you need to check that they are even.
Best to puttilethus: we lay a row of tiles, then we put a small board on them and hit it with a hammer. So you need to align the entire row. If the tiles are below the level of the lighthouses, then it is necessary to lay a mortar under them and level the row again. After 2-4 days, the solution under the tiles will be strong. On this floor will be able to move. The seams can be filled with special grout.

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