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How to learn a song?

How many different song contests are being organized in our country! And then watching how an ordinary person becomes famous, we also think that it is possible that we, too, will be able to reach his heights. But how to develop a voice, and how to learn a song, and not just a song, but one that suits our voice. There are several options.

First you have to take care of your voice, develop it. Sing as much as possible. As soon as you realize that your vocal abilities are better, it's time to choose a song. Choose a famous, beautiful song, melodic. Very winning option to choose a song in a foreign language.

How to quickly learn a song

As soon as you have made your choice, put this song on your phone ring. If she has a long start, cut it off so that you can immediately hear the text. You also need to learn it yourself. And so constantly listen to this song. As soon as she gets very tired of you, then for some time do not listen to her, let her settle in your head. But then listen to it a few more times. Once you have learned the melody, try downloading the minus one from the Internet, and singing the minus one.Be sure to take someone from close to yourself, so that this person immediately correct you, and you do not memorize the wrong singing.

How to learn English songs

Often we admire overseas singing. We think that foreign performers just sing wonderful and we will never reach their heights. But this is not at all the case. We need to understand that songs are always cleaned with special computer programs, and the lyrics and music are always written for a specific artist, so that his voice is listened to even more pleasantly and brings more income.

  • You have decided on the song. Also put it on the phone ring and record several copies on your player.
  • Then you learn the melody. Always hum it, learn the most difficult notes, so that when you sing, the melody sounds clearly inside you and nothing can knock you off.
  • Next, print yourself the lyrics of this song. Now that you have a free moment: it can be in a taxi, subway, during a break at work, on boring couples .. You listen to a melody and a song in headphones (so that no one and nothing distracts you) and read along the lyrics trying to remember how to pronounce it in the original.The fact is that often the performer "swallows" the endings or whole words, pronouncing them quickly and not putting emphasis on them, and our problem is that we try to pronounce everything, although it is not necessary to clearly pronounce it, makes the original performer.

Learn a song on guitar

Of course, it is very important that you still know how to play the guitar or have at least some idea of ​​this instrument. First get the chords you need songs. Study the tune well. If you do not know how to play the guitar, then it is better to use the video lessons of playing the guitar, they can be found without problems on the Internet. Then, every day, set aside half an hour to study the game and for the song itself. First you can take a learning guitar. Buying a tool for one song is not worth it. Once you have mastered the chords, then play slowly to remember the whole process of fingering. Still, if you have long nails (this applies to girls) they will have to be cut, as they will disturb you. Only time for daily practice remains.

We really hope that you have enough patience and soon you will learn to play the guitar and songs in English. Good luck to you!


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