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How to learn to joke?

Everyone has a sense of humor. However, not everyone has developed well enough. Humor depends on the mindset just as the beauty of a person is determined by his taste. This feeling does not depend on the origin or level of education. It can be developed in the same way that children are taught reading, singing and other important matters. And they compare it with medicine, because it helps relieve the tension that holds down thinking. Also relieves a person from fear and anxiety, from self-pity. Seeing the benefits of this feeling, how to develop it? How to learn to joke? Is it possible? What does it mean to be funny and out of place? Is it possible to joke like that else?

Where does the joke begin

To learn to joke, change your attitude towards life. Learn to look at the world around us differently. Do not constantly smile and laugh. It is enough just to see something unusual, funny, and it will give strength. And the cheerful heart changes the expression of our face. It radiates fun and joy.

Why are children always fun? They see everything around at a different angle. They are all interesting, they are all amused.They are more observant and this is their secret. Cheerful people who know how to joke appreciate such trifles as casual conversation, sweet candy or a few minutes of good music.

Compare your life with a garden in which different plants grow. One of them is the inability to enjoy life, the inability to joke. Will you let it grow so that it drowns out all the others? Of course not! Fight for laughter, for humor, for irony, for fun! The ability to joke will help to be flexible and compliant to others.

What does inappropriate joke mean

If your words hurt another person, it means that you said something out of place, something offensive. The joke is no exception. When your friend pours out his heart to you, speaks about the seriousness of his problem, it would be out of place to joke, saying "Throw it out of your head." The interviewee will think that you are indifferent to his feelings.

Especially sarcastic. It manifests itself mostly, so to speak, in a comic way. But, if you look deeper, sarcastic remarks are a form of self-defense. By them, a man masks his inferiority. And, in general, this Greek word literally means "to tear meat, like dogs."Having imagined this terrible picture, one does not want to detract from one�s dignity with jokes anybody�s dignity, abilities, intelligence, origin or appearance.

A joke is good when it is told on time.

For every joke there is a time, and its listeners. If you want to learn how to joke, prepare in advance some funny stories, phrases, funny quotes, learn them and tell at any opportunity. Good "winged" expressions. There are a lot of them, for all occasions. Learn to use them skillfully, try replacing familiar words with more funny, modern ones. Train at home in your own people. In time, in a circle of unfamiliar people, you will feel more comfortable, and your jokes will be more fun and appropriate each time.

Funny joke? How to learn this?

Not everything that is funny to you should be funny to others. It is necessary to search funny jokes well. This is something that is familiar to many. Therefore, it is better to joke about what is well known to the audience. Otherwise, an incomprehensible joke will not cause laughter. Also plays the role of your face. If you say a joke with a serious face, it will only increase the effect of laughter. Well, hold on naturally, as if you are not going to do anything.

�These small tips will help you learn how to joke funny and free.And you will create a reputation as an interesting and witty person.


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