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How to learn to massage?

Lidia Karayants
Lidia Karayants
January 22, 2013
How to learn to massage?

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How to learn to massage?

From childhood, we all remember such a massage technique as “Rails-rails, sleepers-sleepers ...”, it’s hard to call this kind of massage professional. It was rather fun fun. In fact, massage has more significant properties. Thanks to him, you can completely relax the body, remove fatigue, and sometimes massage, in the truest sense of the word, raises people to their feet.

Professional practice

Massage therapist is a serious profession. This expert knows thousands of points located on the human body, and skillfully clicking on them, knows what effect this will have. Such knowledge does not come from nowhere. To learn how to do massage, just reading books is not enough. Any theory should be supported by practice. Throughout the country, institutions are being created in which various massage techniques are taught. These can be courses designed to learn individual massage techniques (Hungarian, Vietnamese, French, Thai and others) or entire schools that produce qualified specialists.

Massage for the soul

But if you are not going to do massage professionally, and all you need is to bring pleasure to the second half, then there are other sources thanks to which you will learn how to learn how to do the massage. Video tutorials, for example, are a great option to learn. First, you can find them on the Internet at any convenient time, for this you do not need to give up everyday tasks or shred your schedule. Secondly, it will not cost you anything, because such videos are laid out in the public domain.


Particular attention should be paid to the technique of therapeutic massage. It is used to recover from injuries. For example, after fractures, people are often sent to a massage room. Children with scoliosis must undergo a course of massage therapy several times a year. Here, the usual courses will not be enough, we need a deeper knowledge of medicine.


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