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How to learn to paint portraits?

To draw a portrait is an interesting and difficult occupation. Not every famous artist can do this. Mostly artists who paint portraits well - self-taught, who have a well-developed sense of beauty, but even they need to learn a lot. If you draw, for example, a landscape, then it is not necessary that it be similar to the area that you wanted to portray; that vision of nature that you have is enough. In the case of a portrait, everything is a little different. After all, anyone can compare the portrait with the original and say whether it looks like or not. And not many portrait painters manage to achieve one hundred percent similarity. The secret is that the main thing is not at all in this, but to consider in each person that unique thing that distinguishes it from everyone else and depict it on paper.

Do not tune in to what you will immediately learn to draw a portrait of a man, in about five portraits you will see progress.

Begin by carefully considering the model. Your task is to find a particular feature, and then transfer it to a piece of paper. If you accurately determine the proportions of the parts of the face, it will already be similar.If you have ever seen caricatures, then you noticed that such an artist only focuses attention on any part of the face, and it turns out to be very similar.

Start drawing a person with a pencil. Depict facial features in the form of geometric shapes, then highlight with a pencil the distance between the eyes, between the mouth and the nose, the chin and the mouth, etc. Observe the dimensions of the parts of the face relative to each other. When you see that the portrait has begun to emerge, you can proceed to the volume and shades.

Portrait drawing algorithm

We offer you a few rules to teach portraits.

  1. Outline the contour of the face, make sure that it does not occupy the entire sheet. But do not make it too small so that it is more convenient to apply the eyes, nose and lips. To contour is not very stood out, blend it with your fingers or eraser.
  2. With a mechanical pencil, carefully shade the places where your hair will be, try to do shading in one direction. When performing shading, be careful with the direction of the hair, it depends on what kind of hairstyle you get. If you act consistently, you will achieve similarity.The hair on the head lies in one direction, which means that we draw them in one direction. Extend hair lines gradually, stroke some areas several times to make it darker, like a shadow. Try to keep no shaded area in the hair area.
  3. Now a very crucial moment. Take a sheet of white paper and gently blend the entire hairstyle, do not press hard and do not go beyond the borders. So the hairstyle will turn out whole and will look realistic. Feather in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Do not forget about the highlights. Take a pointy eraser and draw lines in several places. Note that the lines should not be clearly parallel, but they should not cross. They should be mixed with pencil lines.
  5. Now shade the darkest areas with a softer pencil on top.
  6. Beautifully it turns out, if you add a few straight or slightly wavy hair near the oval face. They seem to emphasize it. But be careful and do not go on the face while it is not yet drawn.
  7. Highlight several hairs all over the head.
  8. Get down to the eyes, nose and mouth.Remember the distance between parts of the face and the proportions. If a person has big eyes and a small nose, then in the portrait the eyes should be larger than the nose. The same with the mouth.
  9. Shade the corners of the eyes and lips. With a few dark lines highlight several eyelashes especially bright. Do the same with your eyebrows.
  10. Blend the tip of the nose and its borders, the wings of the nose can be darkened.
  11. All borders should be shaded.
  12. Finish painting the portrait, highlighting the cheekbones.
  13. It is more convenient to turn the sheet, rather than turn around yourself.
Here are the basic rules for learning how to draw a portrait with a pencil. Successes!

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