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How to learn to save the family budget

How to learn to save on a family budget?

How to learn to save on a family budget?

For some reason, it is believed that women do not know how to save money, and if money gets to the woman, they will be lost - they will be spent in record time, and it is not known what, and most importantly, why. But is it really? With a great desire, a woman can save no worse than a man, and even better. For those who do not have the inherent gift of saving, it is quite possible to learn this, and our online magazine will help you in this. So, today we will tell you how to learn how to save the family budget and at the same time not to deny yourself any joys of life.



Do you live for the last time?



Each of us has his own attitude towards money: someone can comfortably live on one salary and still save himself for new boots, and some people manage to dissolve half-wages even before it is received, having made debts and having bought a bunch of "very necessary" things. If you belong to the first category, our congratulations and sincere admiration for your abilities.Well, if you treat yourself to the second group of people, it's probably time to somehow correct the situation and, finally, to learn how to save money. This is especially topical for married women with children.


Of course, we are all inclined from time to time, following an impulse, to buy a thing that we don’t seem to need. Buy just like that, on a whim or something ... And this is not a crime against common sense. Of course, if this does not happen every day. But if suddenly you started to catch yourself thinking that you are about to buy a fifth handbag, because it will be in perfect harmony with your claret boots, then it’s time. It's time to pull yourself together and learn how to save a family budget. Where do you start?


The primary task is to learn how to plan the family budget in advance, so to speak, think ahead. This especially applies to large expenses. Lists of necessary purchases will help you look at your expenses from a different angle. Thanks to such lists, you will understand where and what your “wealth” is going to, you can find out what you need to buy in the first place, and what you can wait. Maintaining shopping lists will teach you how to calculate the right amount for your daily needs, such as transportation, food and drinks, etc.But more importantly, you can finally start saving money for something really worthwhile!


Many people acquire things from envy. Remember how in childhood: we asked us to buy this doll (railway), because it was SUKIE that was at Masha (Vladik) from the apartment opposite? But now we are no longer children, and we ourselves earn our living with bread and butter. So, maybe it's time to stop looking at others and start thinking with your own brains, make decisions about buying this or that thing yourself?


A large item of expenditure is associated with the purchase of gifts for a variety of holidays for relatives and friends - birthday, New Year, March 8, February 23, etc. In fact, and here you can save, if you approach the choice of a gift thoroughly. The main secret is to start a “hunt” for the gift in advance. In this case, you will have time to go shopping in search of the best gift for a dear person, and not choose it in a hurry the day before the event. In addition, this approach will allow you to save a little: instead of giving the whole amount for your favorite thing and somehow living a month to an advance or salary, you can gradually save for a purchase for several months, and the acquisition will have almost no effect on the thickness of your wallet.


But, everything that we have told you above is more related to the general problem of budget allocation and spending money. But there are wastes from which you cannot get anywhere. This is a utility fee. Therefore, below we will tell you how to learn how to save a family budget, and tell you how you can save on water, gas and electricity.



How do we save the family budget: a common approach



How to learn to save money

How to learn to save money


Everyone wants to live beautifully, not to deny themselves anything, to dress fashionably, eat tasty food and travel. But the family budget is not rubber, and therefore it is very important to learn how to organize family spending so that for yourself and for good cosmetics, children for ice cream, and her husband for his "toys" is enough. How to put all this into practice?


Let's take a look at how to save the family budget on certain foods, clothing, household items, household appliances, etc. So, if you have an average income, you probably shouldn't buy “eggplant overseas eggplant”. Another thing - the products, without which it is impossible (cereals, meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.). Do not buy the tenth handbag and the twentieth pair of shoes.In the end, you will very soon not be where to put them all, and then you have to buy a new wardrobe. Give preference to quality things. They will serve you much longer than cheap items purchased in the nearest market. Thus, spending today, you will save tomorrow. This also applies to the purchase of household and computer equipment, but with one small “but”: do not overpay for features that you will never use. So, if you do not cook meat or fish on the grill, then the microwave with the function of the grill will not do for you. It makes sense to look at sales. Quite often you can find real fashionable "treasures" there. Great idea - joint purchases. We believe the general idea is clear. Go ahead.




14 sure ways to save on electricity




Payment of electricity - this is probably the largest item of utility costs. For this task of finding ways to reduce this very article, so relevant.

First of all, you need to take care that you simply do not have the need to purchase various electric heaters and fireplaces.How? You just need to properly insulate your home: seal the gap, seal windows and doors, install a second entrance door (also protect against thieves), replace cast-iron aluminum radiators, glaze the balcony and loggia. In addition, it is not recommended to close the heating radiators with curtains or close them with furniture. As an additional measure, it may be advisable to install a heat-reflecting screen on the wall behind the radiators. Well, and, of course, do not forget about good plastic windows, which will help to preserve heat in the house, as well as reduce the noise level.


14 ways to save on electricity:

  1. Replace incandescent fluorescent bulbs.
  2. If there is no need for high beam, use spotlights (local) lights.
  3. Always turn off the light when you leave the room, even if it is only for a moment.
  4. Always unplug from the outlet devices that are in standby mode for a long time. We are talking about computers, televisions, music centers, microwave ovens, etc. After all, even while hibernating, these devices continue to consume electricity.
  5. Use equipment with energy efficiency not lower than class A.
  6. Do not place the refrigerator close to radiators or a gas stove - so you can reduce power consumption by twenty to thirty percent.
  7. Never put in a fridge hot and even warm food. Always cool it before putting it on the fridge shelf.
  8. Regularly defrost the refrigerator.
  9. Make sure that the radiator in the refrigerator is always open.
  10. If you cook on an electric stove, do not turn it on in advance and turn it off shortly before the end of the cooking process.
  11. Do not boil more water in the kettle than you need.
  12. Make an apartment in light colors - this will allow you to save a little on lighting (up to 15%).
  13. Record electricity meter readings and analyze results regularly.
  14. Always turn off your personal computer if you do not plan to work on it for a long time. If you need a computer to work around the clock, it is better to buy a more economical laptop in terms of power consumption.


Take advantage of our tips and you can reduce your electricity bill by forty to fifty percent.



How to learn to save on water




Tariffs for water grow like a snowball. Therefore, it is also necessary to reduce water consumption if you want to learn how to save a family budget. We will not advise you to take a shower once a month, wash every two weeks and wash dishes in a basin. After all, there are more humane ways to save on water without depriving yourself of the usual comfort.

  • First of all, install water meters. This recommendation, of course, is not new, but still. Once you have spent on installing a water meter, you will subsequently save up to thirty percent on water charges. We hope these numbers will help you decide in favor of a water meter.
  • Regularly check the serviceability of all equipment that is somehow related to water - plumbing, faucets, dishwasher and washing machine, and so on. After all, if you have a faulty mixer, about any savings do not have to say.
  • If you leave the city for a long time, be sure to turn off all the water, because during your absence you may well have a tap or drain tank.
  • Replace all plumbing in the house of modern.
  • Install the lever mixers, replacing them with faucet faucets.
  • Having decided to buy a washing machine, give preference to a machine with a front-loading type - it uses water more economically.
  • For dishwashing, purchase a dishwasher. Surprisingly, it consumes a lot less water than you do by hand washing the dishes.
  • If you have your own land, which you need to water frequently, make your own well or prefer an automatic irrigation system.



Gas is our wealth!



How to save money on gas consumption?

How to save money on gas consumption?



As you know, eighty-ninety-five percent of gas consumption goes to heat our homes and provide us with hot water. Therefore, it is more expedient to speak not so much about saving gas as about saving heat. On how to do this, we have already told you a little higher. The following measures can be added to this:

  • Install bypasses and 3-way valves on radiators - with their help, you can control the temperature in the room.
  • Ensure that the gap between the batteries and the wall is at least three to five centimeters.
  • Sheathed ceilings and walls of high quality plasterboard.
  • If a boiler or heating hotel is installed in a cool room, for example, in the same basement, it must be insulated. Be sure to warm all pipes that go from the boiler.
  • If according to your feelings in one room it is warmer than in others (they say - “inhale”), do not open the windows to remove heat, but rather wrap the battery in a rug or install a thermostatic mechanism in the room.


These methods will be closer rather to the strong half of humanity, but beautiful ladies should know how to save on gas costs using the following simple methods:


  1. Make sure that the flame of the burner does not go beyond the limits of the dishes that stand on it. Otherwise, it turns out that you do not cook food, but you heat an apartment. This simple measure will allow you to reduce gas consumption by fifty percent.
  2. Never use dishes with a deformed surface.
  3. Always wash the dishes thoroughly, as in dirty dishes the food is cooked longer and the gas is consumed more.
  4. Place aluminum foil gaskets under the burners. So the stove will be less dirty and heated, and gas - will be spent more economically.
  5. When baking food in the oven, make sure that its door is tightly closed. Otherwise, the gas consumption will be more.


These are the most effective ways to save family money.We hope, knowing them, the question of how to learn to save the family budget, you will no longer arise.


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