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How to learn to smile?

October 13, 2014
How to learn to smile?

It is noticed that a smile gives a good mood, has a person to communicate with, helps to feel confident, with dignity. The ability to sincerely smile (and not to portray a smile) is inherent in open, tuned to return people, as a rule, kind and sociable by nature. But what to do when in the morning the day didn’t happen, when everything looks gray and routine? How to learn to smile, to cheer yourself up, if you don't want to smile at all? Here are some simple and effective exercises that will help you raise your mood and overall body tone.

Inner smile (Gioconda)

Scientists have proven that the mimicry of a human face depends on the mood and vice versa. A good mood can be realized as a result of contraction of certain muscles of the face. Practices such as the "inner smile" have long been known in the East.

With the help of simple exercises, so to speak, finding an internal smile, the overall energy level of the body was increased,its resistance to stress and, in general, the student's mood (for this, breathing deeply and slowly with your nose, you need to pull the tip of the tongue towards the sky, and raise the corners of your lips a little, as if smiling). Try it: this exercise is not so difficult to perform.

The result: an instant improvement in well-being and mood on the order! This half-smile, mysterious and effective, in the European tradition is also called the “Mona Lisa smile”.

Recall the best

It is not necessary, as in the American movie, “to remember everything”. It is enough to present one of the best moments in your life, as you think. To perform this exercise, stand up or sit in a comfortable position in front of the mirror (try to retire, so as not to cause undue interest and questions from others). Now we remember, rejoice, smile.

Just try to do it from the heart, with all your heart (and not just "working out" a smile). Do not restrain yourself, be frank to the maximum. And now just fix, remember the position of your lips, face muscles, looking at yourself in the mirror.

And from now on, even glancing at any surface reflecting the image, try to repeat the position of the lips that you liked then. In a day, everything will start to turn out on its own, and you will start smiling and laughing.To learn how to learn to laugh, read our article How to learn to laugh.

You can also try to hold a smile on the face for ten minutes. At first, it will be difficult, but this exercise will teach the muscles to a new position, and the smile will cease to go off your face.

And in general, train yourself to see its best sides in life, to enjoy different things, and then a good mood will be guaranteed to be permanent.


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