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How to let the rings out of the smoke?

Alexander Bobyr
Alexander Bobyr
January 16, 2013
How to let the rings out of the smoke?

Smoking is a bad habit that causes great harm to human health. But many smokers are interested in how to let the rings out of the smoke. It is really very beautiful when a ring of smoke slowly flies around the room. So you can surprise the company in which you are present, especially girls. The ability to blow smoke rings is not such a difficult task, as it seems at first glance. This article will clarify all the questions regarding how to make rings from smoke.

Features of blowing rings

First, it is advisable to choose a brand of cigarettes that gives thick smoke. And it is worth remembering that the heavier the cigarettes, the smoke will be thicker. Before opening the pack, it is advisable to compact cigarettes so that a little empty space remains on top of the cigarette. To do this, you need to knock a little on the pack, this will allow the tobacco to drop a little.

  • After igniting a cigarette, you can enjoy the first puffs, they will be easier than the next.It is not necessary to make any special efforts, it reduces the chances that you can release smoke rings.
  • The usual tightening should follow, only to get as much smoke as possible - this will increase the number of attempts. Having closed the mouth, it is necessary to push the tongue to the throat, so that its tip goes down. Then the lips should take the form of the letter "O", but at the same time slightly bulging them. At first you can look silly, but this is until you release the ring.
  • The next step is to exhale - releasing smoke in the form of a ring. To do this, you can imagine a slight cough, but do it in such a way that it is not audible, that is, without using the vocal cords.
  • Feeling that the smoke is almost out of his lips, it is necessary to make a sharp movement of the tongue forward and quickly raise the lower jaw.

If performed correctly, smoke rings should come out of the mouth. It is possible to start smoke rings not only with cigarette smoke, but also when smoking hookah. By releasing smoke in this way, you will surprise your company.


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