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How to make a clip?

Creating video clips from photo and video files is a great way to put together many shots and make an interesting selection of them, for example, from a meeting with friends, traveling abroad. If you attach suitable audio recordings to the original and unusual clip from the photos, the created clip will also be a wonderful gift for a dear and close person.

Windows movie maker

The easiest way is to make a clip using Windows Movie Maker.

To create your clip, you need to do the following:

  1. Run the program and create a new project.
  2. Import the sound. To do this, open the item "Operations" and click "Import Sound". In the future, specify the path to the desired audio recordings (it will be added to the "Collections" panel). Drag the sound file onto the storyboard panel.
  3. Add captions. On the panel, select our video and in the window of operations, select "Add a name after the selected clip on the timeline." We write down the necessary text. Optionally change the animation titles.
  4. We add the necessary photos and video files to the video.To do this, select the item "Operations" and click "Import Images" and "Import Video". We move pictures and files to the storyboard panel. Add pictures to the end of the series. To change the duration of a certain photo / video or caption, compress or stretch the frames located on the storyboard panel. In addition to photographs, you can add ready-made videos to the project.
  5. Save your clip. Click "File" and select the item "Save Movie File." A wizard opens, allowing the user to send the document by e-mail, save it to a computer, digital camera, web resource.

If you decide to make a clip, then note that this may require specialized programs. Today, there are many utilities used for such purposes. Many of them are free. The functionality of paid programs is different, so each user who decides to make his own video, you need to choose the one that completely satisfies his needs.

Other programs

Photo story

is a free and feature-rich application from Microsoft.

With it, you can easily make a clip of video files, photos and suitable audio recordings.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the program is not officially supported on the Windows 7 and Vista operating systems. However, it can be supplied on the OS provided (for 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer is an effective and functional program for the use of which you have to pay. However, the capabilities of the application are quite rich. Clips can be decorated with original effects.

In addition, ProShow Producer provides the ability to work with different layers of images, as well as the use of flexible time management for the demonstration of any photograph. The application supports a lot of built-in effects, photo changes, font effects.

You can download the program on the site.


PhotoShow is a paid program for the simple creation of clips from a photo. Each user can choose one of three available versions of the program: premium, standard or basic. The first will cost more, but its functionality is considered the richest.

Interestingly, users can save the results of their own work not only for publication on the World Wide Web, but also for viewing on huge monitors in HD quality.

You can download the program from the official site.

Selection of photographs

It is very important to prepare the material for the creation of the clip. Choose photos that perfectly reflect the essence of the future video. They must be of high quality (not less than 600 pixels in width). Consider the fact that during subsequent installation, their quality will deteriorate significantly.

A rather interesting and unusual idea is the formation of a clip from successively executed photographs. With a neat and high-quality installation, the characters will begin to move and “come to life” on the monitor. Thus, viewers will get the impression that they are viewing the recording from a video camera.

If you plan to make a clip of photos with music, then think carefully about the future storyline. Do not forget that any clip is a true story about some event or person. Viewers should be clear what the essence of this video.

Musical arrangement

Increased attention should be paid to the selection of audio recordings. They are required to fully comply with the photographs and form the necessary emotions.

To make a clip with music, choose a song that completely conveys the feelings that you plan to donate to your own audience.


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