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How to make a frost pattern on the glass

How to make a frost pattern on the glassNew Year holidays are associated with numerous and fairly stable associations, which include aromas of pine needles and mandarins, sweets and gifts, a decorated Christmas tree and indispensable Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. Winter we are accustomed to think of as a cold, but quite cheerful time of the year, when you can dazzle a snowman, ride on skis and sledges and play snowballs. After all this fun, it is so nice to return home to the heat, when a blizzard is spinning outside the window, and the frost is drawing festive patterns on the glass.

Nowadays, in most of the city apartments, the windows are glazed with double-glazed windows that perfectly keep the heat, but are completely immune to the efforts of Grandfather Frost. A beautiful frost pattern on the glass, made with his own hand, will help fill this gap on the eve of the winter holidays.

How to make patterns on the glass: toothpaste

Instead of paint, use the usual white toothpaste, without additives. Dissolving it with water, the mixture is sprayed onto the window with a spray gun, achieving a beautiful matte effect.When the base dries, diluted with water, toothpaste is applied to the glass with a dry, hard brush, with thin strokes, trying to depict real frosty drawings.

The main advantage of this method is that unsuccessful art is easily washed off, and the experiment can be repeated using a stencil.
frost pattern on glass

Patterns on the glass: glue and powdered sugar

How to make a frost on the glass, using the available tools? Elementary, and for the beginning of the creative process it is enough to stock up with clerical glue and powdered sugar. It is more convenient to apply the glue with a stencil, and powder with a cosmetic brush or powder puff. Replacing powder with sparkles, vanillin or small confetti, you will get an original pattern, in the New Year's bright and joyful.

The disadvantages of this method include the possibility of the appearance of ugly smudges as a result of condensate accumulation on the inner surface of the window, so the “glue” method is better to apply frost patterns on interior doors or other glass surfaces that are indoors. For example, with the help of powdered sugar, glue and glitter you can decorate:

  • champagne glasses;
  • glass vase with a Christmas composition;
  • mirror surface of the wardrobe.

beautiful pattern

Patterns of beer and magnesia

A solution prepared by mixing 50 g of magnesia and 125 ml of light beer is applied to a pre-cleaned and dried glass with a cotton swab or brush. The pattern made with this solution is as close as possible to the natural frosty patterns, because in the process of drying the mixture crystals form on the glass. It is possible to speed up the drying with the help of an ordinary hair dryer, and the “beer” paintings are washed away just as easily as those made with toothpaste.

In specialized stores and departments you can find paint sprays, with which you can coat any surface with frosty patterns and artificial snow, but these arts will have to be cleaned with solvents or a razor.
ice drawing


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