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How to make a house for parrots?

If you have got little cute parrots, then you need to make sure that they feel as comfortable as possible. You can, of course, buy a house for parrots, but the best thing is if you make it with your own hands. In a spacious and equipped with all the necessary cage, your parrots will feel great. If you have more than one parrot, but a couple, then in the run-up to the appearance of offspring, a nesting house for wavy parrots will be especially relevant. We will tell you how to make such a bird house, observing all the rules.

Materials for building a bird house

So, you will need: boards one and a half to two centimeters thick, also a hammer, a plane, a saw, nails and screws, a perch, a chisel, a screwdriver, hinges for the roof-door, a drill and birch sawdust. After you find all this, you can start building a house.

Body manufacturing

Prepare the boards and begin to level the workpiece from the outside with a planer.Make a wooden bottom near the nesting site, and in the middle form a small hole, the diameter of which is five centimeters. This will be the next testicle tray. If parrots-lovebirds live in the house, then no pits should be made. Just prepare for them small branches, hay and they will independently weave a nest at the bottom of the box.

Now you need to fasten the boards with screws or nails. The size of the house for parrots must be calculated on the basis of what kind of birds you keep. As a rule, a box twenty centimeters high is suitable for small parrots or canaries, and its bottom area will be like this - 15x15. If the entrance to the house is round, make it a diameter of about five to seven centimeters. Well, for large birds, respectively, increase the size: let it be, say, 120, then the bottom is 90x90, and the size of the entrance is 20.

House arrangement

So, we continue to make a house for the parrots with our own hands. After you made the case, install the perch. Depending on the size of the bird, it can be 10-15 centimeters outside, and inside to pass through the entire booth. Or enter it only a few centimeters.To the female of the parrot, this perch should be comfortable in order to stand on it, jump, and with all this, the bird should not damage the eggs.

At the bottom of your box you need to drill small holes so that air can flow through them. After you put a bowl of water on the bottom, and then through the holes to the little parrots will begin to flow water vapor, while moistening the air. It is necessary to put a bowl with water in hot weather, otherwise the chicks may die. And do not forget to pour birch sawdust in a two-centimeter layer to the bottom of the box.

We have told you almost everything about how to make a house for parrots. Now you have to solve the issue with the cover. It should be necessarily removable, because it will be much easier to clean the cage and keep an eye on the chicks with a removable roof. The roof can be made in the form of a single or flat cover, which can be installed on the box, securing with hinges and screws.


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