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How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

In the US, where polls like no less than in the UK, it is estimated that a third of couples make a marriage proposal at home, another third chooses a candlelit dinner atmosphere in a restaurant for a romantic moment, and the remaining third assures that they have something more original and creative than a home sofa and dinner for two. Someone arranges from the offer of the hand and heart is not a private event, but a party for friends and relatives. Someone is flying to the end of the world to shoot a ring against the backdrop of the beaches of the Maldives or the sunsets of South Africa. And someone really does invent a unique scenario that it is impossible to predict.

Let's try and we, before the wedding season, invent something completely unlike a typical offer of the hand and heart. And do not forget that any scenario will make the most engagementdream ringwith an impressive diamond size.

By the sea

How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

Beach romance stirs the imagination and inspires the most Hollywood scenarios of the offer of the hand and heart. We’ll share with you one that is best done on the hotel’s private beach: you prepare in advance on the sand a small picnic with wine and candles, and then you invite a girl to walk along the beach and “accidentally” stumble upon a surprise. By the way, the ring itself can be presented not in a box, but in a vessel like an amphora with sand or shells.

In the bathroom

How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

With this option, you enter the very third of lovers who make an offer without leaving home - as they say, without leaving their comfort zone. Here are the instructions for you: fill the bath with foam, add aromatic oils there, arrange the candles (where without them!), Put the champagne next to it in ice. Then invite the girl to take a bath, and get the ring straight from the foam, as if you accidentally found it on the bottom.

In the kitchen

How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

You will laugh, but the proposal of a hand and heart with a ring in the avocado was built even in a separate trend. They say that the millennials adore avocados so much that they use it even for such important events.If no joke, then this scenario will suit the couple with a sense of humor: lure your girlfriend to cook dinner on Sunday together and hide the ring in some fruit. Papayas and avocados are really great for this purpose because they resemble a fancy casket.

In a dream

How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

Another homely, but no less original and generally insanely sentimental script of a marriage proposal. To implement it, you will need to wake up on the weekend a little earlier than the girl, cook some special breakfast for her (overcooked eggs with onions will not work, plain white bread with cheese, too), like in the pictures on Instagram, and wake her up by putting on a ring on the finger. If you know that she sleeps lightly, then another option is to put a ring on the pillow along with a romantic letter.


How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

Take the girl out of town and agree in advance with her friends and girlfriends that they will join you on the same day. Your task will be to coordinate everything as clearly as possible: first you appear with a ring, and then the scene is flooded with a joyful crowd with balls, wine, flowers and greetings.If the budget allows, invite also the photographer to capture the moment of unrestrained and still relaxed (this is not a wedding for you!) Fun.

On a date

How to make a marriage proposal: 6 ideal scenarios

In the last paragraph, we would like to offer you to take her to the Eiffel Tower, Cappadocia, Santorini, and a dozen more impossible romantic places that seem to be created for the scene with the participation of a beautiful lady and a man on one knee and with a ring. But if the budget does not allow, then recreate your first date up to the smallest details, as if you were going into the past. Tell her about your first impressions, your thoughts and plans for that time and ask what she felt then.


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