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How to make a puppet?

For the first time puppets began to be used in the sixteenth century in Venice, during church holidays. But even after many centuries, this doll has not lost its popularity, because the kids are more pleased to play with a doll that is controlled by threads than with an ordinary plastic one. The question of how to make a puppet arises quite often, so we will now tell about it.

What materials and tools will be needed

The task of how to make a puppet with your own hands is very difficult, but doable. You will need: a small ball (you can take a tennis ball), a piece of cloth (any old thing will do), a skein of fishing line, wire, straw or wool, buttons, beads, cardboard, PVA glue, threads with a needle, a pencil, a small bottle (you can take from under any detergent), awl, tape, cardboard, wooden slats, scissors, 3 small screws, wooden clothespin.

Making a puppet head

If everything you need is prepared, then you can proceed to the process itself. You need to start making a puppet from the head.To do this, wrap the ball with a cloth, and tie the ends together with a thread. Pierce the head with wire at the level of the ears, and twist the ends in the eyelets. Eyes and nose can be drawn, made of cardboard, or sewn buttons and beads. Hair can be made from straw or wool yarn (optional). They should cover their ears.

Making a puppet body

Now take up the body. To do this, take a bottle and make an awl a hole in the attachment points of the arms and legs, insert there pieces of wire 15-20 cm long. Once again, pierce the bottle at the back of the legs and attach the wire. At the ends of the wire, too, make loops (as on the head).

Then take up the manufacture of arms and legs. To do this, wrap pieces of fishing line with a length of 15-20 cm cardboard and roll into a roll. If the arms and legs are made of two connected rolls, then the limbs can bend. Secure one end of the roll with tape, and attach the other end to the body with eyelets.

Clothes and fasteners for the puppet

The next step in order to make a puppet doll will be making clothes. It should be free and not limit the movement of the doll. Head can be decorated with a hat.

Here the doll is ready.Now we proceed to the manufacture of fasteners, which will allow to control its movements. To do this, take the three strips. The first is the main one (25 cm), the second is the front one (15 cm) and the third is the back one (13 cm). Grind the edges to avoid sharp corners. On the back plate at the edges, make two holes at each edge, on the front one at each edge, and at the main level make only one hole. Glue the clothespin to the edge of the main board. Glue the back plate directly behind the clothespin. When the glue dries, pass the rope through the holes made and tie a knot on the back of each rope. Then screw three screws into the main bar: two over the clothespin, and the third over the middle of the back bar. Cut two pieces of fishing line 50 cm long and attach them to the shoulders of the puppet. Then pass each piece of fishing line through the ears of the doll and fasten it to the back plank. Take another piece of fishing line 42 cm long and sew it on the top of the doll, and then attach it to the back plank.

In order for the puppet to move, it is necessary to remove the front bar from the clothespin and move it in different directions. Managing the puppet is not an easy task, so you first have to practice a little.So that the doll can bend, take a 70 cm long fishing line and stretch it through the loop on the back. Attach it to the main strap. Now, so that you can set in motion your hands, cut a fishing line about 1.5 m long. Tie one end to your wrist, then pull through the holes on the front edge of the main plank and tie the other end to the second wrist. And finally, cut 2 pieces of fishing line with a length of 90 cm. Sew one end to the knee and fasten the other end on the front plate. Do the same with the second piece of fishing line.


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