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How to make a scorpion?

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How to make a scorpion?

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How to make a scorpion?

Many children and adults are fond of the art of origami. To replenish your collection with a scorpion paper figure or, say, to give it to a person with such a zodiac sign, you need to follow simple guidelines.

We need a square sheet of paper.


  1. We fold the sheet diagonally in half, iron the bend and unfold it. For convenience, we will arrange the square so that the bend line is exactly vertical.
  2. To the resulting line we bend the two sides.
  3. The lower remaining corner is bent up, ironed bend, straighten and bend in the other direction (back). We have a triangle.
  4. ScorpioWe fold the sides in half: we turn the edges away from the center, combining the edges of the sheet. We iron the bends and straighten.
  5. Drop down the bottom corners of the triangles bend to the sides, combining the sides.
  6. At the intersection of the folds, hold the finger and fold the triangles along the previously marked lines of deflection (simultaneously along two lines) so that the �petals� form. Fold them down.If this moment remains unclear, watch the video instruction you will find on this page.
  7. We turn the workpiece to the other side.
  8. The right side is folded in half to the center line of the fold.
  9. Do the same with the left side.
  10. The bottom of the workpiece fold up (only the first layer).Scorpio
  11. From the center, open the pockets on both sides and "flatten" them.
  12. Fold to the center side of the bottom diamond.
  13. Now we fold the figure in half with a "mountain" (the fold line with a "mountain" in the origami technique means that the figure folds away from itself, the fold is outside).
  14. We separate triangles to the sides - these are claws.
  15. The lower and upper parts of the claws are �flattened out� a little to give them volume and a natural look.
  16. The other end of the figure, the tail, is folded with an accordion (so that it lifts up).

Now you know how to make a scorpion out of paper. Such a figure can serve as an interior decoration or a fun toy.


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