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How to make a shortcut?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
February 18, 2013
How to make a shortcut?

In an operating system, a shortcut is nothing more than a link to a file. Therefore, clicking on the shortcut you give the command to the computer to run the file referenced by this shortcut. How to make a shortcut? It is absolutely not difficult.

How to create a shortcut

In order to make a shortcut, just click on the file (folder or shortcut) you are interested in with the right mouse button. You will have a menu in which you should select the column “Create shortcut”. It will be placed in the same folder. However, you can drag it where you need it. He will work. Just remember, if you want to move the file or folder to which the shortcut refers to another location, the shortcut will not work. In order not to drag shortcuts to the desktop each time, use the "Send" function. To do this, click on the file, folder or shortcut with the right mouse button. Then in the menu that you have, select the column "Send" - "Desktop (Create shortcut)".

How to make an Internet label

If you need to create an Internet shortcut on your desktop, you need to do the following. Open the site you need and copy the address bar. After that you need to right-click on the desktop and select the Create shortcut submenu. In the "Specify the location of the object" window that appears, paste the address of the previously copied address bar and click "Next." Then a window will appear in which you must specify the name of the shortcut. Name the shortcut and click Finish. A shortcut will appear on your desktop.

How to make a shortcut to my computer

If for some reason the “My Computer” label has disappeared from the desktop, you can create it as follows. Right-click on the desktop, then select the "Properties" menu and click on it with the left mouse button. You should open the "Properties: Screen". Next you need to select the tab "Desktop" - "Settings". Click on it. You will see the "Desktop Elements" window. Put a tick in the "Desktop Icons" submenu in the box opposite "My Computer". Click OK. Confirm the actions taken in the "Properties: Screen" window.To do this, first click the "Apply" button, and after "OK".


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