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It is difficult to overestimate the merits of Microsoft Office. Its services enable a PC user to efficiently use all computer resources to maintain a home budget or calculate any statistical data. The ease of use of programs will help even a beginner to cope with their tasks. Today we will talk about the Excel program. So:

How to make a table in excel?

The question written above speaks about the ignorance of its author about Excel as a whole. After all, Excel - this is the table. Accordingly, in order to create a table in Excel, you must run the program and save the table with the desired name. Speech can be conducted, rather, that the program has huge resources for the design of tables. You can enter into the tables a variety of data that will allow you to change the look of the table and make it as convenient as possible for you.

Also, a large number of visual effects can help the user in a good perception of information. You can set different heights and widths for rows and columns in a table. It is also possible to change the color and borders of each individual cell.

A good function that will help to transfer information much more efficiently and more clearly is that it is possible to paint the background of cells.

Each cell has its own name in Excel tables. How does it work? There are the names of the columns, to which you can think of any name, and there is the name of the lines, to which you can also assign some name. As long as the columns and rows are not named, then we are dealing with columns in the form of letters, and with rows in the form of numbers. The very first cell will be named A1, since it is located in the first column and in the first row.

It is very important to make a table header, that is, the names of the columns. This moment needs to be thought out in advance, because the entire table may suffer due to the wrong cap.

Refer to the most popular buttons that will be used in Excel. All these buttons are also in the utility Word. They perform identical functions:

  • Font button. This button is responsible for how the font will write the data of your spreadsheet in Excel. It is better to choose a regular font, as it is clearly visible in a wide variety of conditions, which may include a number of factors from the lighting of the room and the settings of the display or projector.
  • The size of the letters. Choose an average size.Large letters will occupy a lot of space in the cells and, accordingly, in the table as a whole. Small letters may not be visible, although they carry important information.
  • Inscription letters. Using this option, you can somehow select the necessary information. You can underline what is written, highlight it in bold type, or tilt the inscription, thereby emphasizing some particular aspect. You can also use three tricks in a single word.
  • Text alignment buttons relative to the center of the cell. This feature will be useful when building a visual image of your table. You can move the text to the right, leave in the center or move to the left. By default, the numbers are shifted to the left, and the words to the right. The column names are in the middle of the cell.

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