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How to make appliques on pillows

Cushions are not only beautiful interior decoration, but also useful things in the house. And I really love to sew precisely cushions. I take different fabrics for sewing (drape silk, tapestry, coarse calico), but I prefer thick fabrics used for furniture upholstery. I buy this fabric in a special store. They often sell flap, which is much cheaper. Sometimes I take samples, which are generally given for pennies.
How to make appliqués on pillows
When a fabric comes across monotonous, without a pattern, I decorate pillows with appliqués. I just love to do them. You need very few materials and tools to make an application:
  • pieces of fabric;
  • paper for a picture;
  • cardboard for stencils ( if you need a stencil);
  • pen or pencil;
  • marker (not always);
  • scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • sewing thread;
  • sewing machine.
How to make appliques on pillows
I take a flock to embody the pattern. This fabric is special. It is colorful, beautiful and, most importantly, not flowing.The edges of the appliqué details do not shake even when washed. I also make pillows with appliqués for gifts. The picture itself is selected depending on the event. These can be:
  • children's drawings;
  • signs of the horoscope (zodiacal or eastern);
  • names;
  • mi-mi-bears;
  • hearts;
  • butterflies ....
It takes less time to make a simple drawing, but the application of a large number of parts of different colors looks more masterful and causes more delight. I find drawings for my applications freely available on the Internet, printed on plain paper, increasing or decreasing using standard programs in the computer. I cut out a picture, I dismember it on cha and select the flock in color for each element.
How to make appliqués on pillows
If I intend to use a drawing several times, I make a stencil out of it: I paste the parts onto a cardboard and cut it out.
How to make appliqués on pillows
I use the cut out patterns to cut out the details of the appliqué, having previously drawn each on the wrong side of the fabric.The scissors for the appliqué must be sharp and not “chew” the material so that the edges of the details of the picture are clear. After cutting out all the blanks of the design, I spread the appliqué on the fabric prepared for the pillow to determine the optimal position. Customized parts to each other, cutting off the excess, if they are not quite tightly connected
How to make appliqués on pillows
Having determined the position of the picture, I begin to sew in turn the details, starting with the central or the largest. The elements are pre-fixed with glue-pencil: I smear on the wrong side and press it properly. It is not forbidden to use a cold iron for a clamp. I sew on an appliqué with an ordinary stitching on a typewriter. While sewing, I make sure that the part does not move from its place, it is sewn up without folds and wrinkles. When all parts of the design are sewn, I draw some small details with a marker. The marker does not get dirty, but, truth, is being stacked. And what prevents to draw everything again? When the application is completely ready and looks good, I proceed to the further manufacture of the pillow. I wear a pillowcase, sew a lock, stuff a filler into it.To fill the pillowcase I cut small cubes of foam rubber or use a ready filler: holofayber, sintepon, sintepuh. That's how quickly and simply you can decorate a boring pillow. Joy is a fun pillow, not only for children, but also for adults, believe me. [/L_REPEAT]

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