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How to make hair dark?

Many modern women, especially with dull hair, often have a problem how to make their hair darker or how to make a natural color more saturated. Some are guided by the desire to completely change the image, others - to bring a bright note to their image. To do this, you can use resistant hair dye or natural dyes or limit folk remedies.

We select the hair dye

On the shelves you can find a wide range of colors, differing in their chemical composition, durability, price. Basically, they are divided into tint paints (or unstable), semi-resistant (i.e. tone-on-tone) and resistant.

If you prefer a more gentle method of coloring hair, then stop your choice on tint colors. Their composition does not include ammonia, as well as hydrogen peroxide, so they paint only the upper (scaly layer) of the hair, without harming the internal structure. Moreover, it is quickly washed away, the regrown roots are practically invisible, which makes it possible to return to its former color without any particular difficulties. But this tool is not suitable for painting gray hair.The most common tint balms, gels and shampoos: "Palette", "Tonic", "Irida", "Estel Love".

How to make hair dark with polystoykoy dye? For this fit paint company L ’oreal. Semi-resistant dye does not contain ammonia and does not damage the hair structure, and even more so, to some extent provides hair care.

The advantages of dyeing hair with durable paint are that gray hair is painted over 100%, the paint is not washed off for a long time. But the composition of these colors include harmful chemicals that affect the internal structure of the hair.

We select the color

Dark natural tones are black and dark chestnut, chestnut, light chestnut and dark blonde. And shades can be the following: ashen, pearl, golden, copper, mahogany.

How to make brown hair darker? To do this, the colors of the following colors are suitable: dark brown copper, light chestnut, chestnut, dark chestnut and brownish black. To solve the problem of how to make darker blonde hair, blondes can choose any hair color they like, but you need to be careful, as a drastic change in color, for example, from blond to blonde to chestnut, may be disappointing.Therefore, it is best to smoothly turn into a dark color, gradually choosing the paint a couple of tones darker than the previous one. So you can stop in time on the shade that you really enjoy.

We do not recommend to repaint bright red hair in light brown color. It is better to take a chestnut or black.

You can use henna by adding coffee or basma to it (the amount of coffee or basma depends on the desired shade: the more - the darker the hair). It is important to correctly calculate the proportions of henna and basma to get exactly the shade you want. Henna, Basma and coffee are not only cheap, but also high-quality dyes, they take care of the hair, restoring their structure.

The use of folk remedies

In case you are afraid of damaging your hair with chemical dyes, you can resort to folk remedies. For this you need to prepare a decoction of oak bark. It is used to rinse hair after washing. To obtain a dark chestnut shade in the broth, you can add brewed natural coffee.

To make the hair darker with the help of folk remedies, you can make a decoction of bark and linden leaves: five tablespoons of crushed plants and a half cups of water, boil over low heat.After rinsing with this decoction, the hair is wrapped in a towel for half an hour and then washed off with water. This decoction will not only give your hair a rich dark color, but also strengthen them.

Black tea and coffee can be used as a hair rinse. It is very simple and affordable. The result will please you, but the color will quickly wash off.

To make a tea rinse, take 3 tbsp. l black tea and pour one cup of boiling water over it. Heat it on low heat for 20 minutes, then put it in a cool place to cool slightly. They rinse clean hair and then wrap their heads with a towel for 20 minutes. Coffee rinse: brew 2 liters of strong coffee and rinse your hair with it. Thanks to these regular procedures, the hair will not only acquire a pleasant dark shade, but also become silky and shiny.


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