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How to make hands for a doll?

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How to make hands for a doll?

A handmade doll can be a wonderful gift for your child, an original interior decoration or a talisman. Its production is a painstaking occupation, it is especially difficult to work out small details - for example, hands. In our article we will explain how to make hands for a doll.

Hands for a soft doll

Hands for a soft doll can be made of ordinary materials. You will need:

  • wire;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • napkins;
  • threads;
  • insulating tape;
  • nylon stockings or pantyhose.


Such limbs will be soft and able to keep shape. For the fingers, we will need 10 pieces of thin wire, the length of which will depend on the size of the arms, as well as 10 strips of a synthetic winterizer.

  1. We fold a strip of a synthetic winterizer and a wire in half and we connect among themselves in the place of the line of a bend.
  2. Slightly pull the loop of sintepon and start to twist the wireHands for dollsuntil the end.
  3. Now we wind the wire cage with a polyester pad in a spiral. Due to the fact that the beginning of the strip, we have passed into the wire loop, it will not slip. Now, using a thread, fix the fix the ends of the padding polyester. The first finger is ready.You need to make 10 of these.
  4. When the inner parts of the fingers are ready, we proceed to the manufacture of stocking gloves. We take two napkins and two pieces of stockings or tights, not cut from the toes.
  5. Fold them in a pile as follows: napkin, cloth, cloth, napkin. On the contour of napkins we cut off kapron. We scribble on the sewing machine our stack along the contour.
  6. Draw on paper pattern brushes and cut them. Putting patterns to one of the sides of the napkins and outlines them.Hands for dolls
  7. Shallow machine stitching puppet brushes along the contour. Slightly retreat from the seam and cut them.
  8. We turn out stocking gloves inside out. In each finger we insert on the frame made of wire and padding polyester. We straighten the fabric on them and fix the ends of the wires together with the help of threads.
  9. Add a synthetic winterizer to the external and internal surfaces of the brush. Pencil or thin brush evenly distribute it.
  10. For the arm itself, we take a thicker wire, bend one of the ends into a ring. Tape fix the straight end to the brush.
  11. Wrap the forearm and shoulder with a padding polyester, achieving the required volume.
  12. We stretch the glove as far as possible and sew it around the edge. The missing piece of “skin” is made of a pipe made of stockings / tights. We hem it on the bottom edge, and on the top we tighten it.
  13. Select the brush. A thread with a needle of a suitable color is pierced by a brush at the base. Then we thread the needle back (the thread lies on top of the arm). We tighten the thread. The hand is ready to be attached to the body.

Hands from the self-stiffening plastic

You can make the hands of the doll from a special plastic mass that freezes in air. For work you will need:

  • thin wire;
  • tape tape;
  • self-curing plastic (LaDoll, for example);
  • clippers;
  • varnish spray;
  • PVA glue;
  • synthetic brush.

Making hands

  1. For one hand, take 5 strips of wire and begin to wrap them tightly with tap tape. We do this not over the entire length of the wire, but only in the places of the supposed fingers and palms.
  2. We assemble the finished wires in a bundle and in the area of ​​the supposed wrist we fasten them with the same tape.
  3. With the help of wire cutters, we give fingers the required length.Hands for dolls
  4. Tap-tape highlight area palm. You got a hand frame. We make the second hand in the same way.
  5. We coat the frameworks with PVA glue and wait until it dries. We give each finger the desired position.
  6. Dilute the plastic to a creamy state and dip the preform in it. Waiting for complete drying and dipping again. Repeat the procedure several times to obtain the desired volume.
  7. With the help of a synthetic brush, we continue to apply plastic, forming small parts.
  8. Sand the brush with fine-grained emery paper and finish the job by wiping the handle with a damp cloth.
  9. If you wish, you can paint your hands. In any case, the final chord should be the treatment of their varnish spray.

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