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How to make Lizun from sodium tetraborate?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
July 22, 2014
How to make Lizun from sodium tetraborate?

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How to make Lizun from sodium tetraborate?

Lizun is a toy that became popular on the territory of Russia in the post-Soviet period. Then an American film about the adventures of Ghostbusters, describing the character Lizun, was released on TV screens. Actually, this hero was later turned into a toy. Our article will tell you how to make a lizun from sodium tetraborate (dry borax).

Making lizuna from sodium tetraborate: instructions

Note that the method below does not involve the use of PVA glue, so you can start making a toy with your child without fear for his health.

Here is what we need:

  • LizunSodium tetraborate in the form of two tablespoons of dry borax. You can watch a video on how to make sodium tetraborate and make it yourself, but it will be easier to get it at the pharmacy. Tetraborate dispensed without a prescription;
  • A glass of ordinary water;
  • Polyvinyl alcohol in powder form (the agent is called "Antimelitel" and is used for dyeing fabrics). You can find polyvinyl alcohol in an art salon, a hardware store, a haberdashery or in a chemical store;
  • Metal pan small size.

Preparation method:

  1. Take a glass of water, it is necessary to dissolve polyvinyl alcohol.
  2. Turn on the stove and put the resulting composition on a small fire for 45 minutes. Do not forget to occasionally stir it.Lizun
  3. Remove the container with the mixture after 45 minutes and allow to cool to room temperature.
  4. After that add two tablespoons of dry borax (sodium tetraborate). You must wait half an hour until the crystals of the substance are completely dissolved in water.
  5. In general, Lizun is ready. If you want a colored lizun, use gouache or brilliant green to color it in your favorite color.

In addition to the above method, there are others. Some lizun manufacturing methods are more toxic than the one we told you about, but you can try. On our portal you will find an article dedicated to the manufacture of this toy.


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