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How to make love?

For those people who enjoy a healthy regular sex life or feel a strong connection with their partner, the psychological and physical condition improves, as scientists say. Such people achieve great success in their careers, are optimistic, they are energetic, in high spirits. Let's see how to make love in order to deliver true enjoyment to yourself and your partner ...

Of course, each person has his own preferences. Everything is very individual. But we will try to reveal something in common, which will allow us to learn how to make love properly, giving pleasure to ourselves and our partner. Women and men enjoy differently. Therefore, we divide the rules specifically for these large social groups.

How to make love with men

How to make love

How to give pleasure to a man

What do men usually love?

  1. Sexy lingerie: almost transparent, lace, feminine with a little secret.Do not put on a bed of beautiful, but tight underwear, with an incredible push-up, a huge and tight corset. Even if you have a small chest, a translucent thin bra, sticking out excited nipples, will tease his imagination. Panties - of course, thong. But make sure that they are not small and do not drag your "fats".
  2. Prelude. If we talk about the pleasure of a man, then he does not need a long foreplay, except for oral sex. Almost all men love blowjob, like the prelude to sex. If you have not had the experience, see how to make love online on the video. Rewind videos for interesting moments. Read our article on how to do blowjob. Ladies, do not be stingy. And during the blowjob, stimulate your clitoris yourself, or assign it to a partner. Yes, in the end end use posture 69!
  3. Sexual intercourse Do not be a log. Activity will get a man, and therefore give him more pleasure.
  4. Moans, screams. If you are well, relax. Forget about neighbors or ancient stereotypes "a girl should lie quietly and quietly, while a man loves her". Do you like what he does or what feelings you feel? Stop yourself, moan, shout, do what you want. This will excite you and your partner even more.

How to please yourself

If you do not learn to get real pleasure, sex will not be a joy. Sex is an important aspect of human life, the pleasure of which should not be missed.

Understand the main thing: almost everything depends on you, and only a small part of the partner.

  1. Study your body. The man is not a mind reader. How can he know how and where a girl is pleased if she herself does not know this. Yes, now we are talking about masturbation. Choose a free evening, retire, create twilight and turn on erotica or porn. It is possible without the last, but for the first time it will be difficult for you to reach orgasm with the help of one imagination. Turn on some video - video, how to make love. When you feel that you are excited, put your hand to the panties, caress yourself through them. Then you can go further, caress the clitoris with various movements of the fingers. It is important to focus on your feelings, experiment, understand how you enjoy the most. Then you teach your man all this, and you will enjoy your whole life!
  2. In the process of having sex with a man, learn to focus on your feelings,to emphasize in his head the pleasant moments, for example, “mmm, how nice he is pushing my buttocks,” “how I get excited when his strong arms tighten my neck.” All these thoughts will help you to be "here and now", not to think about what else you need to cook dinner, get the children to school, make repairs on the ceiling.
  3. Do not be afraid to be depraved and do what you have not done. Start small. If the fantasy has not yet played out, you can look at how to make love: pictures, photos, videos. Being a little bit "pervert" in bed and sharing a girl in life is so nice! :)

How to make love with women

How to make love

How to give pleasure to a woman

  1. If a man likes when a woman immediately rushes to his penis, then the woman does not want you to rush to her genitals in the first minute. It will be harder for girls, except, of course, for those cases when she passionately wants him at one glance, and then he just brings his body closer to hers, and in panties everything is wet. The best way to excite a girl during foreplay: combine flattering words about her figure, beauty, feelings, feelings with stroking and caressing shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen and back, slowly approaching the cherished triangle. Tease her, properly tease! But do not overdo it with the prelude.Girls still get tired of continuous admiration for her and kisses of the hands of a first grader. Find a middle ground.
  2. How to make love: to be gentle or hard? There can not answer unequivocally. It is necessary to discuss the moment, whether it likes to dominate or, on the contrary, obey. The problem of many couples in sex is associated with this. For example, he loves to obey, and she, or he wants to be a leader and expects softness from her, and she wants the same from him. Well, when people complement each other.
  3. Think about the pose in sex. If the girl is shy, start with the missionary position, then show how nice and exciting the rider's pose will be in the standard way and vice versa, "doggie style." If the woman started up not much, choose a pose so that you can caress her clit.
  4. If a girl has already received a vaginal orgasm before, do not hesitate, ask her to show what frequency and depth of frictions she needs to receive pleasure repeatedly. If there was no orgasm, experiment. Start with petting and clitoral orgasm.

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