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How to make money online on clicks?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
October 18, 2011
How to make money online on clicks?

Nowadays, people spend a huge amount of time on the Internet. “Why not make money on it?” Some of them will think. Newbies, as a rule, choose the easiest way to make money on the Internet - on clicks. Let's see if this is real, and how much of this business you can have.

How to make money online on clicks - technology

So, the first thing that is required of you is to register with a sponsor as a surfer. Your job will be to click on different advertised sites, surf them, thereby increasing their attendance, or read paid letters that contain advertisements of these sites. Where do you get money from? The advertiser pays you, that is, the owner of the site itself.

Is it possible to make money on the Internet on clicks

If you decide to make money on clicks, you will not require any knowledge and skills. This can be done by any user of the network, which draws so much attention to such earnings.How can you refuse to have a good time at home with a cup of fragrant tea, and even the opportunity to make money on it? In fact, everything is not as rosy as it may seem at the beginning. Here are 2 interesting facts:

  • It is important for the sponsor that his site be viewed by various surfers, so he puts restrictions on views. Thus, the same surfer will not be able to view the site several times. The sponsor has a lot of surfers, and there are a lot less advertisers! From this it follows that the declared views are almost impossible to achieve.
  • Earn on clicks, of course, you can, but mere pennies. Why is this happening? On the day the user will be able to view approximately 30-50 sites (and this is the maximum!). Let's say you will pay 8 hours to clicks on the Internet every day of a month (seven days a week!), And then you will earn about 300 rubles a month. Is it worth it? The question is rhetorical.

How to make money online on clicks more - referral system

The referral system will allow you to increase your earnings on clicks several times. By inviting the user to such an income, you will receive about 10-50% of his income, without even clicking.But as you understand, for this you need to recruit a lot of referrals.

How to do it? On the account of the sponsor take the referral link. Those who go through it and register as surfers will bring you a lifetime earnings, working on clicks on the Internet.


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