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How to make a text?

An equally important stage after typing is considered to be its correct design, since it depends on it how your document will be perceived. In this article, let's take a closer look at how to properly format the text using the basic tools of a text editor.

Ways to design text in Word

The main part of the controls that is used to design the document can be found on the tabs: main and page layout. Thanks to these tools, when you make a document, do the following:

  • Change text font;
  • Create labels that have a different direction;
  • Create various lists;
  • For writing formulas use subscripts and superscript characters;
  • Indent a paragraph with a red line;
  • Create necessary footnotes;
  • Use a variety of effects in the design of the text;
  • For individual paragraphs and pages use different frames;
  • Split text into two or more columns;
  • Change the color background for the created page;
  • Add various background images;
  • Different ways to use text alignment.


  • Decor. Analyzing how to arrange the text, first of all in the text editor you should choose a beautiful font. According to the GOST standard, the text should be typed in Times New Roman, with alignment in width and without highlighting, with a size of at least 12. You should also use a one and a half line spacing, and do not use boldface. When selecting, do not use expressions and words typed in capital letters; in the text it looks inaccurate.
  • Punctuation. When typing in Russian, you should use quotes “herringbone”, and in English - “feet”. Also remember that you cannot put a hyphen instead of a dash. Punctuation and emoticons to express emotions should be used in adequate quantities. In the design of the text also should not use double or even triple spaces. It should be remembered that with a punctuation mark - a space is placed before the character, and not afterwards. Also spaces should be put in abbreviations, for example: etc., etc., etc. Phone numbers should be written using a hyphen with the accepted division.
  • Spelling.Considering how beautifully arrange the text, you know, do not be lazy in writing capital letters, not only at the beginning of the sentence, but in all the required places. You should also always check the spelling of words that you doubt in the dictionaries. It is important to remember that the use of such words with a capital letter like you or you is permissible when referring to a specific person in personal correspondence, and in commercial offers and on websites this is considered an error.
  • Word and layout. You can check inaccuracies in the design can be using the mode of hidden characters. When writing texts, do not use spaces to place the heading in the center, or place the necessary phrase to the right. To do this, it is best to use the buttons for special text alignment, and in some cases use tabulation. When structuring text, you should use headings in different sizes and bold. This approach makes it easier to assimilate information and read texts.

Recommendations for the design of texts Web

Correct selection of colors and text design are important components for the effective operation of the site.Let's take a look at how to format the text so that users can read the information it provides.

  • You should use fonts with a size not less than 10px. Try to use the display on a white background black font.
  • You should not use more than 3 types of fonts, as well as different 4 colors, otherwise your resource will be too colorful and unstructured.
  • To make your text readable, the line height should be set to a maximum of 1.4em by default.
  • Use changing inscriptions in rare cases, since such elements are very distracting from the basic information.

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