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How to make a door in Minecraft?

Arseny Stein
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How to make a door in Minecraft?

Our today's article will explain how to make a door in Minecraft. First you need to decide what material it will consist of. Doors in the game world can be made of two types of materials. This is a board that is easier to obtain, which is available at the initial stage of the game, and iron bars. Doors made of iron are more durable compared to doors made of wood and can only be opened with the help of additional means: push plates, buttons or levers. By placing one of these elements directly next to the door and activating it, you can open and close the door. Since mobs can break down doors in new versions of the game, their strength is an important factor.

To craft a door from any selected element, you need to place six units of boards or iron in the workbench with two vertical lines standing next to each other. Which side of the three side slots are empty, does not matter.

The door is placed by right clicking on the block on which it will stand, while the presence of side walls or upper blocks for the initial setting of the door is optional.

Advantageous moments is that from the inside of the door, being in the house, you can inflict damage to enemies that are outside.


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