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How to make whiskey?

Anastasia Shostak
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How to make whiskey?

Whiskey - a strong alcoholic drink, which is made according to traditional technologies. You can learn how to make whiskey in this article. Let the resulting alcoholic drink will not be called original, but then you will be confident in its quality. Professionals and real gourmets argue that it is very difficult to make real whiskey yourself at home. Because the recipes for the preparation of this drink involve the preparation of malt, and roasting it using special technologies, and distillation, and aging in special barrels for several years. In principle, with all your desire, you can find a recipe for whiskey, where alcoholic tincture of a particular fortress is recommended to be tinted with oak bark and other substances. However, even a beginner will understand that a drink that is obtained using this method will have nothing in common with whiskey.

The main difficulties of those who are trying to find recipes, how to make whiskey, are obtained with malt germination. Because far from always the grain will germinate.Yes, and to make a wort from already germinated grains is a rather difficult task. We are right now, will plunge into the recipe for creating this whiskey.

How to make Scotch whiskey

For this you need to take barley and barley malt. The ratio is �85 to 15. In general, the ratio may be quite different. Beforehand, the kernels must be soaked. Next, you will have to dry the grain with the smoke of hot peat. And finally, it remains to add alcohol and water. Let the drink infuse and you can try.

How to make whiskey at home

You need to purchase one kilogram of liquid grain mash. The same - supplements to it. Next, you need to dissolve them in water at room temperature (in 8 liters). In a separate bowl, place 25 grams of yeast. In them, add a little water with sugar (from 100 to 200 grams). After about an hour, yeast can be added to the wort. The fermentation process should be carried out at a temperature that is not more than 28 degrees. Be sure to close the container with a water lid tightly. Braga will be ready in almost a week. Ready mash need to be overtaken. The first distillation should be carried out until such time as in the pursuit of alcohol will be very felt. Then dilute with some water and start the second distillation.Carry it to the distiller. After the second distillation, the liquid must be diluted with water to a whiskey fortress of 45 percent. After that, you need to pass the liquid through a carbon filter. In the liquid that you get as a result of the whole process, add "Bourbon" and let it brew for 7 days.

We told you how to make homemade whiskey, but if you don�t want to put in your efforts and waste your strength, which is associated with preparing �whiskey at home�, you can purchase it. Whiskey - expensive, but worthwhile, which can be a great gift for every man.


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