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How to make a massage?

Massage is a pleasant procedure with a healing effect. Therefore, many people with the appearance of certain types of ailments are not in a hurry to take drugs, but seek the help of a professional masseuse. But what if such an option is unavailable for some reason, how to make yourself a massage in this case? To carry out this procedure yourself, use the following recommendations, common to all types of massage:

  • Take a warm shower to help cleanse the body and relax your muscles;
  • Prepare clean towels, massage cream or oil;
  • Choose a flat surface in the house, not too soft (when using massage acupuncture mats);
  • Try to perform the procedure at a time when no one will distract you.

How to do prostate massage yourself

This question is especially interesting to the representatives of the stronger sex. Many men by the age of forty have such an unpleasant disease as prostatitis. In addition to the medication prescribed by a doctor, prostate massage can help.It will not only make you feel better, but also contribute to a speedy recovery. One of the options for how to do prostate massage for yourself is the Kegel exercise. It is convenient in that it can be performed anywhere and anytime, without attracting the attention of others. This is relevant, since to obtain a positive effect, it is necessary to do it at least five times a day.

The order of the exercise:

  1. When inhaling, slowly squeeze the muscles of the anus until they reach maximum tension;
  2. After fixing the condition, hold your breath for a few seconds;
  3. Exhale the air as slowly as you inhaled, while gradually relaxing the tense muscles.

In the absence of practice five times per approach will be enough, over time, this number can be increased to thirty.

Another way to alleviate the condition in case of problems with the prostate can be hydromassage. The procedure is performed at night (a couple of hours before bedtime) with a preliminary cleansing enema. For hydromassage will need: rubber pear, hot water and chamomile flowers. Grass should be boiled with boiling water, let it brew,cool to room temperature, and then using a rubber pear to inject about 400 ml of infusion into the rectum and hold it for half an hour. The course of treatment with hydromassage should include at least ten sessions.

How to make yourself a back massage

If the back muscles are tied, and pains in the neck and shoulder and lumbar regions appear, then an urgent need to resort to massage. It will have an impact on the work of the whole organism: it will speed up the rush of blood to the massaged area, increase muscle tone and help them get rid of the harmful lactic acid that appears after hard work or active exercise.

How to make yourself a back massage without the help of another person? Using the following tips, you can work out the muscles yourself:

  1. To stretch the lumbosacral region, make transverse movements from the spine to the sides (leave your thumb on your side, and press with the rest of your fingers);
  2. Another direction is longitudinal, movements are performed along the spine with a mandatory indentation of 4 cm from it;
  3. Do not forget to massage the shoulders - gently grasp the skin with your fingers and gently squeeze, gradually increasing the pressure. Repeat several times.

Massaging should be smooth, with different intensity of pressure. Comfortable position of the hands for a back massage - the thumbs are fixed on the sides, the rest make rotational and kneading movements.

Many for self-massage of the back using acupuncture mats.

How to do a neck massage

Everyone at least once in his life faced with the need to massage the neck. How to perform this procedure yourself?

  • Lubricate your hands with massage oil and begin to warm up the neck muscles with stroking movements. Pay special attention to places where tension and stiffness are felt;
  • Knead deep muscles. Thumbs create a “wave”, perform about ten times;
  • After stretching deep muscles, move to softer movements, slowly moving your fingers along the vertebrae;
  • Alternate heavy traffic with strokes.

Having mastered the technique of self-massage, you can at any time without outside help to relieve tension from tired muscles, relieve pain, and just have fun.


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