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How to make yourself eat less

30 minutes before meals drink 1-2 glasses of water. The liquid will fill part of the stomach and slightly curb the appetite. It helps some people to get rid of their unbearable desire to eat slightly acidified water, because it begins to break down their own fat deposits. But do not particularly zealous, otherwise spoil the stomach, but then there is certainly not want.
If the liquid does not help to kill the appetite, eat an hour before eating low-fat yogurt, fruit, drink juice or green tea. When you sit at the table, you can eat much less. Often, the signal to the brain comes when a person has already eaten more than the norm. Dine always slowly, so as not to feel any heaviness in the stomach, no remorse of conscience.
Use food in small doses, but often. Do not torture yourself with 2 meals a day, at the next dinner or breakfast, you will definitely become more than normal. With the gradual assimilation of calories, excess weight does not come at all.Do not sit on starvation diets, so the problem with overeating is not solved.
Do not eat a lot of sweet. Blood sugar rises first, then drops sharply, and this increases the appetite. Replace chocolate with fruit, if you don’t imagine life without sweets at all.
If you can not cope with the appetite yourself, go to the reception to the endocrinologist. The doctor will prescribe you drugs that help cope with overeating. In some cases, treatment is necessary, since excessive appetite can occur against the background of hormonal failure.

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