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How to manage a man?

We are women and our natural desire is to control the opposite sex. We need a man to fulfill our desires, requests, make gifts and compliments, and not be an unmanaged machine for stress. All this is absolutely real, only you need to know how to use a man.

Secret management

In fact, the secret of manipulation is very simple. It is too simple to be taken into account, so many women are not aware of it. The secret is that a man will do anything for you only when he wishes. Yes, sometimes it seems to us that if we keep silent, then we will wait about three years until he guesses to do what he wants. The way it is. Men do not understand the hints, and if you remain silent, then your lover will just get confused. There is, fortunately, a more effective method to tame a guy: to make sure that what you dream about becomes his conviction. And then, how to manage a man, you will be much clearer.

Social impact method

Each person is a part of society and we all care what others think of us.We can deny it, but it is. Men are no exception. It is also important for them whether their friends and relatives respect them, whether they feel sympathy for them, whether they can count on approval from someone else’s side.

Silently observe your lover and find out with whose opinion he is considered, who is important for him from his environment. Someone cares about what his parents think of him, someone - friends, someone - the boss. When you want to achieve something from a man, make him promise you this in the presence of significant ones. So you can manage it. A falling man in their eyes, he does not want to be.

Emotional manipulation

Give him a full range of emotions. Always show and tell him how good you are in his presence. But do not go too far. Sometimes he must both miss you and worry that you have cooled down to him. He should feel both positive and negative emotions. Encourage and punish him, you must be mysterious, so that he does not know what to expect from you today. He will be interested.

You can get everything you want, even during one date. First, be affectionate and fun, then suddenly move away from him and change the mood.He will try to regain your good mood in any way. At this time, you can make it as if he sought your forgiveness, favor, asked for something, made promises and commitments.

Be sure to praise him when he does what you like. Give thanks for his good behavior. For example, you dream of a fur coat, and he gives you a mobile phone. Throw yourself on his neck, rejoice, kiss, be tender and sexy. He wants to see more than once such delight. And after a while, as if by the way, let it slip that if it were a fur coat, you would have "died of delight." He will certainly give you a fur coat next time.

Manipulating weaknesses

We all have our weaknesses, your man too. Watch and see how other people can get something from him. It happens that this feeling of guilt, the inability to refuse someone, the responsibility for these promises, the desire to be better than the rivals. He is unlikely to be able to change this in himself, and this will only be to your advantage.

The main thing is not to think later that a man uses me, and under no circumstances will you ever tell him how to manipulate him. He himself would not guess.

Manipulate through his needs

You need to know what he wants.Show him that it is important for you that his needs are met and unobtrusively make it clear that you have your own values, which are no less important than his.

What not to do

  • Trying to free him. Listening to a woman, a man tries to do the opposite. He thinks in his heart that his freedom is in danger. That is why they have to manipulate covertly.
  • Use the imperative when referring to it. Examples: “Darling, I decided to tidy up here, you, by chance, do not take a little time to help me? (Instead of:“ Wash the dishes, wipe off the dust, get vacuumed! ”).” I will have to stay at work tomorrow, I don’t know who will take the baby from the garden? (Instead of: “Tomorrow you are taking the child from the kindergarten”).
  • Set ultimatums. Your lover is going to go to the next party with friends? If you forbid it to him, he will want it even more. Moreover, when something is forbidden to us, we have a feeling of inner contradiction. Get smarter — offer an alternative. Invite him to the premiere of an interesting film, prepare a delicious romantic dinner, intrigue him so that he wants to stay.It must be something worthwhile so that he does not regret that he did not go to his friends.
  • Remove him from household chores. Men also love to manipulate women. For example, you ask him to do some work. He, like, takes it with enthusiasm. But after doing it, you have to redo everything. The next time you do it yourself, without attracting him to this case. This tactic is called: "I would like to, but it does not work for me." Do not believe. A man only wants you to do everything herself.

Now you know how to drive a man. The most important thing is that you yourself do not become the object of his manipulations, because they also know how to use us perfectly. Use your attractiveness and sexuality, men can not resist the feminine beauty. In extreme cases, refer to ailments, migraines, lack of fresh air when you need something. Be smarter and you will succeed!


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