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How to meet my wife from work

Tidy up If you had a day off and you spent it at home, then most likely you made a little mess. Wash dirty dishes, sweep the floor - in a word, make the cleanliness soared in the air. A woman will definitely notice and appreciate it, because she usually does the household chores.
Cook dinner. Not only men like tasty food. And if the food is prepared by a loved one, then it is doubly pleasant. If you are not a culinary expert, look for some simple recipe on the Internet. Nobody asks for masterpieces from you. Ordinary fried potatoes will also pleasantly surprise your spouse.
Order food. If you are afraid even to approach the stove, then call the restaurant and order your spouse's favorite dish at home. Try to calculate the time correctly. The ideal option would be food delivery 5-10 minutes before the wife�s return. Do not tell your spouse that everyone cooked. She herself will figure out that you are cunning.It is better to honestly admit that they called her favorite restaurant and ordered this dish.
Create a romantic atmosphere. Turn off the TV, let it not bother you. Choose a calm and beautiful music. You can decorate the table with candles.
Intrigue your spouse. At the end of the working day, send your favorite SMS in which hint that something unusual is waiting for her. Let her wonder what you have prepared for her.
Put yourself in order Do not meet your favorite in a T-shirt and shorts. Undoubtedly, these clothes are much more convenient than official attire, but for the sake of such a case, you can donate it. Use the cologne that your wife likes. Most likely, she gave it to you for one of the past holidays. Be polite and courageous. The spouse will appreciate your efforts and will be very grateful to you.
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Order dinner only in proven restaurants.
Helpful advice
If you do not have a separate apartment, then meet your favorite at work with flowers and take her to a cozy restaurant.

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