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How to open a PDF file?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
September 27, 2011
How to open a PDF file?

Often, users are faced with the question: how to open the pdf format? Files in pdf format allow us to work primarily with text storage media. With the help of pdf we have the ability to read books, view complex graphic images. You can also print documents and books using pdf format. A feature of these formats is effective work with scanned materials. Scanning is a way of translating a real book into an electronic form. We will understand what you can open such a wonderful format. So, than to open a pdf-file?

Acrobat reader

A program designed to work with the pdf file format is called Acrobat Reader. It allows you to view text documents, select pages, bookmark and print a document. The program is useful to those people who do not think their lives without reading. As it is known, many books are almost impossible to get in real form, but there are electronic scanned copies of them. In fact, the pdf format is just the format that is intended for this program. And all files created using Acrobat Reader have the pdf extension.

There is, in fact, a number of programs that work with documents in pdf format. The most common and convenient program - Acrobat Reader remains. Another Adobe product that works with the pdf extension is called Adobe Reader.

Thanks to the technology of the company Adobe, the modern user has the opportunity to create their own electronic libraries. Modern society is gradually moving to the use of computers and technology, rather than reading ordinary books.


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