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How to plan a pregnancy

Some married couples dream about a girl, others about a boy, some - about two at once. And for each of them the most important thing is a healthy baby. Hence the question: what can we, future parents, do? And we can do pregnancy planning. Like this. Someone, probably, wonders: what is there to plan ?! We cancel contraceptives - and forward. So it happened in our minds that this is the very preparation for the birth of the crumbs. Is it right?

Think about it! Pregnancy is not only the health of the baby, but also the health of the mother too. Female body to be double the load. To be treated in this period is problematic. Most drugs are prohibited. And the health of the future crumbs laid in the first weeks! Therefore, the steps you take today will eliminate a number of problems and minimize potential complications. The upcoming nine months is the time of mega-positive emotions! Joy! Happiness! Waiting for a miracle! And the extra experiences are not needed here.

Solved. Planning a pregnancy.Not less than three months before the alleged conception. Just pass the examination, if anything - you can heal ... So where do you start?

Step One: Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Trite. Everybody knows. Ideally, not only when preparing for the birth of a child. And daily. Waiver of alcohol and smoking. Proper nutrition. More walks in the fresh air. Moderate exercise. And ... avoid stress. These are immutable rules for both parents.

Important! Alcohol and nicotine are completely contraindicated. Future mother - because toxic toxins easily overcome the placental barrier and will certainly get to the baby. Future dad - because they have a detrimental effect on sperm quality. A complete renewal of seminal fluid will take the body two to three months.

Already - before the appearance of the cherished two strips - start taking folic acid. It is possible in the composition of vitamin complexes. Treat your husband, too. Before taking consult with a specialist.

Important! Folic acid is essential for the full development and growth of the embryo. This element significantly reduces the risk of fetal abnormalities, prevents neural tube abnormalities, minimizes the likelihood of mental retardation, and contributes to the formation of the placenta

How to plan a pregnancy

Step Two: Visit a general practitioner

Medicine is not cheap now. It is great if you can purchase a comprehensive program of preparation for conception. Its cost starts from 20 000 rubles. Most of us are unlikely to acquire such. Yes, and there is no special need for it. Its undoubted plus - all examinations and analyzes in one place. But we are not looking for easy ways! So welcome to the district clinic. And nothing that the diagnosis will take a little more time.

Prepare in advance for a trip to the therapist. At the reception the doctor will ask many questions about the state of your health, partner's health and existing problems (working pressure, chronic diseases, previous pregnancies, etc.).

Go to the doctor better in the morning. And on an empty stomach. For what? In order to immediately, after leaving the office and getting the right directions, to pass a general and biochemical analysis of blood and urinalysis. These are the first basic studies.

Plus, blood must be checked for TORCH infections. These include toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes, HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, chicken pox, chlamydia. Analysis is assigned to absolutely every woman planning to become a mother.Even if nothing bothers her. The danger lies in the asymptomatic course of these diseases.

Important! TORCH infections are extremely dangerous! They increase the risk of fetal malformations and miscarriages. The greatest threat is the primary infection of a pregnant woman. The goal is to detect the presence or absence of antibodies. If there are antibodies, you can not worry - they will protect the unborn child. If they are not there, we follow additional security measures.

Important! If you did not get rubella, be sure to vaccinate

Also, get directions from a doctor for:

  • echocardiography of the heart - the main organ will have double load due to the increased blood volume and the changed hormonal background.
  • fluorography - in an interesting position it is absolutely impossible to undergo it. And you need to know about the state of the lungs.

And directions to:

  • To the dentist, sore teeth are a source of infection. Even ordinary caries can adversely affect the unborn child. Baby can get sick.
  • ENT - immunity decreases during pregnancy. Accordingly, ARD and other viruses are easier to "catch". We learn the precautions.
  • oculist - in a number of eye diseases, natural childbirth is contraindicated.

How to plan a pregnancy

Step Three: Visit the gynecologist

It is possible in female consultation. It is possible in a private clinic. It is desirable that this was a doctor who has been observing you for a long time. The gynecologist will conduct an examination and prescribe a study:

  • bacterioscopic examination of smears for flora and oncocytology;
  • colposcopy;
  • cytological examination of the cervix and cervical canal;
  • specific infections (chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureoplasma, CMV, genital herpes).

The results obtained will show or exclude reproductive problems and diseases.

Important! The gynecologist is your head doctor during pregnancy. You must trust him. There are doubts - change the doctor!

Step four: go through additional diagnostics

There are a number of tests, which it is advisable to pass before the advent of an interesting situation. In the district clinic you will not appoint them, if there is no evidence. Take time. Complete the diagnosis. It is useful to you personally, and it will be quieter for the baby. The list is small:

  • thyroid hormones (approximately 2,500 rubles);
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs (approximately 1,700 rubles);
  • Breast ultrasound (approximately 1,500 rubles);
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland (approximately 1,500 rubles).

Commercial medical centers have combined these ultrasounds into a single complex. Average cost - 3500 rubles. Bulk cheaper. However, hormones are paid separately.

Important! These studies may reveal problems affecting the possibility of conception in general and the child’s bearing in particular

Step five: make sure that the father of your unborn child also goes to the doctor

How to plan a pregnancy

With men all is easier. Much easier. But the child’s health is exactly half dependent on him! Therefore, your faithful is also preparing. He is waiting for everything:

  • general and biochemical blood test;
  • general urine analysis;
  • analysis on PCR infection.

Important! In certain cases, it may be necessary to visit other specialists for both the expectant mother and the future of the father.

Planning a pregnancy is a good thing. The case is necessary. And if the pregnancy has come "out of plan" - do not worry. This does not mean that complications will arise! Just contact a gynecologist and other specialists in a timely manner. Doctors will help eliminate health problems and prepare for the birth of the desired child.


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