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How to plant a rose?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 27, 2012
How to plant a rose?

Roses mainly propagate by performing the inoculation (budding) of cultivated varieties on the wild rose. Thanks to this method, the gardener can get roses of valuable varieties with minimal physical, temporary, and most importantly material costs. However, many novice gardeners do not know the technology, how to plant a rose and consider this operation very difficult. In fact, this is far from the case.

How to plant a rose

Cuttings can be harvested during the autumn pruning of rose bushes. If you have not saved the autumn cuttings, the graft material can always be bought in greenhouses.

Some gardeners prefer to spend the winter inoculation of roses. In this case, by the autumn a full-fledged rose bush is being formed. But most often the budding is carried out in the period from May to August. The buds vaccinated during this period are called “sleeping” and they will begin to grow actively only next spring.

Eyes (buds) should be grafted on each stock in two and place them at a distance of four centimeters from each other.

Vaccinate preferably in the morning.Be sure to clean dirt from the graft and the stock.

Vaccinate with tweezers. Do not touch the cut-off eye and graft site with your hands.

How to plant a rose on a wild rose

A small T-shaped incision is made on the bark of the stock with a sharp garden knife. In doing this, you should try to avoid damaging the wood. The cut corners are folded down to form a pocket. They put in the prepared eye.

The part of the rose hips above the vaccination site is cut. The graft is fixed with ribbons cut from a polyethylene film, but at the same time, without closing the grafted kidney.

Vaccination of a rose was successful or not, it becomes clear after several weeks. If the implanted eye for some reason did not catch on, try again. In this case, a new budding should be performed slightly below the place of unsuccessful vaccination.

Grafted roses in summer should be especially carefully prepared for winter, protecting them from the cold.


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