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How to make a commercial?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 29, 2013
How to make a commercial?

Today, anyone who has really set a goal for himself can appear on TV screens - I want to act in an advertisement, a movie, or a TV show. Let us dwell on advertising, which today filled the television space on any channel. It is a mistaken opinion that actresses who are filmed in advertising are relatives or acquaintances of the director. More often, ordinary people who have no previous relationship to acting, successfully implemented themselves as an advertising actor, thereby proving that miracles are possible in life. To fulfill the dream, learn a few lessons.

  • All decent and serious agencies place your data and register for free.
  • In the case of sending you to the casting, the agency will need to give 20% of the received fee.
  • Never make a portfolio with an agency that offers you a role in a project, provided that you order a portfolio from them. Decent agencies never insist, and if you do not have a portfolio yet, they can only recommend good specialists.

How to play in advertising: tips

  • To participate in the crowd. In order for you to be chosen to participate in the casting, and even more so, given the role, your photos are necessary. For the actors in the crowd, a couple of non-professional photos are enough, one should prepare a close-up plan so that only the head and shoulders can be seen, the other - in full growth in your usual everyday clothes. The next step is to send these photos to the assistants for the actors and team leaders of extras. Where to play in advertising, you can read in ads, hear on the radio and TV, found on the Internet.
  • For shooting in advertising. To get a serious role in advertising, you need to prepare professional photos. We immediately warn you that it is better to use the services of a very proven or recommended photographer, as the success of your acting activity depends on his work, in the literal sense of the word, or rather, its beginning. When the portfolio is ready, first offer your candidature for consideration to three or four agencies. While waiting for an invitation to casting, sign up for a good course. Be sure to clarify whether your teacher worked in advertising, since only a person who knows all the details of this industry can lead to success.

Child in advertising

Many parents who dream of their child appearing on the TV screens would like to know how to make a commercial for a child. In addition to all the above procedures with a portfolio and courses of acting, it is also necessary to coordinate child labor with the law.

The federal law on advertising of the Russian Federation states that the images of children can only be used in advertising that advertises products that are directly related to children.

It is for this reason that it is not so easy for a child to get into advertising in our country. But, if you consider that children's products are actively advertised, then there are also options for promoting children's career.


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