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How to play splinter cell?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to play splinter cell?

Splinter cell is a popular stealth-action computer game based on the books of the American writer Tom Clancy. The game was developed by screenwriter JT Petty, a representative of Ubisoft. You can download the game on the site. The article will discuss how to play Splinter Cell.

Story line

The United States of America is becoming a target for rogue states, and only one person can remedy the situation in order to avoid a terrorist war. Sam Slate is an experienced operative who forms the Black Echelon unit to destroy the terrorists and destroy their deadly plans. An impressive arsenal will be in the hands of players who will use it for reconnaissance purposes and to destroy the enemy. The team is based on the ship "Palladin", which receives all the information about upcoming tasks. The most important thing is a timely response to events in the world.

Goal of the game

The main goal of the game is to destroy terrorist groups that want to attack and destroy the United States.If you and your team fail to hold the enemy, the game will be over, and the US will be under the authority of the enemy.

Gameplay Features

Among the features of the gameplay are secrecy and speed, as indiscriminate shooting and extra noise can attract the attention of terrorists to the team of Sam Slate. If in the first two parts the alarm is raised three times, and the game ends, then in the last - after each alarm the enemies become more and more careful.

The game splinter sat blacklist - a combination of problems that require operational solutions and actions. It is necessary to be invisible to enemies, choose safe ways and make full use of the environment.

The game adds a scale of sounds and increased the number of conversations with victims. In the Double Agent chapter, Slate becomes an undercover agent embedded in a terrorist group and performs tasks on both sides. Here there is a scale of relations, which shows the attitude towards him by the terrorists and the NSA. In case at least one of the scales reaches 0, the game will be over.

It is worth noting that you can play Splinter cell Blacklist two by two or in corporate mode.


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