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How to play the vargan?

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How to play the vargan?

Before you start learning how to play the vargan, you need to learn how to keep it right. The best way is as follows. It is necessary to put on the index finger and middle finger the rounded part of the vargan, then with your thumb you should firmly fix the tool in the place where the tongue is attached. This method is great for holding most vargans. After you learn how to hold vargan, you can start learning how to play it. Let's take a look at how to play the vargan.

Where to begin

  • First, you need to press the tongue with your finger and try to get him by the teeth. At the same time, the tongue should move freely. The blows made on it must be short and short. During a direct strike, the tongue touches the tongue when moving to itself.
  • The elbow must be lowered, the index finger should be directed upwards, and the rest of the fingers should be picked up in a fist. Then you should start to make blows on the tongue with the edge or pad of your index finger.It is necessary to bend and unbend the wrist in the wrist.

This way of playing the harp is versatile and allows you to play at any pace and with any dynamics.

To play at a different pace

There is another way to play the vargan.

  • It is necessary to pick up all the fingers, with the exception of the index finger, into a fist.
  • Then you need an edge of the index finger to begin to hit the tongue, rotating the brush in the wrist.

This method allows you to play the Vargan at a different pace.

Unhurried game of harp

The next way to play this instrument is as follows.

  • It is necessary to lower the elbow and fold the fingers with a �boat�, covering the tongue of the vargan with them.
  • Then you should put your thumb aside a little and start hitting the tongue with the middle of your thumb.
  • At the same time it is necessary to bend and bend the arm at the elbow. This method is suitable for unhurried and measured game.

The easiest way

And the last way to play the Vargan.

  • It is necessary to raise the elbow to shoulder level, relax the brush, and then place it slightly above the vargan. She should freely hang over him.
  • The thumb must be placed opposite the temple.
  • Now one should begin to strike the vargan's tongue, alternately bending the index, ring and middle fingers. During the game the brush must remain fixed.

How to make a harp with your own hands

  • First, you need to make a tongue. It needs to be cut out from a usual saw, 0,86 mm thick.
  • Then you should make a frame. To do this, take an iron rod and saw off from him the desired length.
  • After that, it is necessary to perform a cone narrowing. To do this, hold the workpiece and make a turning on the electrosharpener. Then the rod should be bent exactly in the middle. The bend with a small radius is performed by forging. Bottom surface of the cones need to bring on the bar and grind on sandpaper edges of the deck.
  • After that, heating the workpiece should be given the correct shape.

Now you know how to make a vargan with your own hands; don't forget about bending the tongue and knee ringlet.

  • Bending is performed with small pliers.
  • Next, you need to make the round part of the frame flat, then polish it and the tongue.
  • Finally, you should install the tongue, while providing a small gap with the deck.
  • Then you need to roll the edges of the groove and trim the excess edge. Vargan ready!

Remember, in the game on the harp there is nothing complicated, as in any business, the main thing here is practice. Start with the easiest way, and then improve your skills by changing the pace of the game on this amazing tool. Having learned to play the harp, you can surprise your friends and win the heart of your girlfriend.


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