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How to prolong an erection?

The intimate life of a person is very important for health and mental balance. Our today's article will tell men how to prolong an erection. Want to give your partner more fun? Then do not close this page and read the material to the end! So:

Long erection. Rules and principles

How to prolong an erection in men? A good question for those who in sex forgets that the stages of obtaining sexual pleasure in men and women are different. It is typical for women to get several orgasms during one sexual intercourse. A man receives a peak of pleasure, only bringing everything to the bitter end. Some representatives of the stronger sex can not withstand a long onslaught and spew the seed earlier than desired by a woman. Hence, so many problems associated with the sexual life of the couple.

Speaking about the causes of the problem of early ejaculation, it should be noted that none of them is associated with a disorder of the reproductive system or the wrong structure of organs. Basically, it is either a problem of prolonged abstinence from sexual contact, or the young man’s inexperience in the field of sexual relations.

There are many ways to help solve the problem of premature ejaculation, which takes the form of a serious sexual disorder if it occurs periodically. How to extend the erection time:

  • First of all, you need to listen very well to your feelings. Remember that you have the power to control your feelings and at the right moment, you can reduce the level of arousal, while not bringing yourself to ejaculation. Many advise to think about something distracted at the most crucial moment, and then the excitement will recede, and you can continue to enjoy the process of sexual intercourse. However, this method requires training, because it is so difficult to think about something if you are at the peak of the strongest sensations.
  • A very effective method of prolonging an erection is as follows. During the proximity to ejaculation should remove the penis from the vagina partner. In the people the method is called "Stop-start". With this method, you can extend the erection as much as you see fit. Remember, however, that frequent interruptions can leave you exhausted, and sexual intercourse will not be completed properly.
  • Purely mechanical method of extending sexual pleasure is as follows. Before the moment of ejaculation, it is necessary to squeeze the head of the penis with two fingers from the bottom and a third from above. Compression should be very effective. You can do this, or your partner. Wait 30 seconds and can continue sexual intercourse. This method is perfectly combined with the "Stop-start" method.
  • The chemical method of prolonging erections owes its existence to special creams and condoms, which act as an anesthetic, that is, deprive the organ of sensitivity. Condoms with a thick shell, also provide an opportunity to prolong sexual intercourse.
  • If you want to reach orgasm with your partner at the same time, you need to increase the time of foreplay for sex. Bring your partner to a state close to orgasm by the oral method or with your hands, and then proceed to vaginal sex. Surely, you can reach the peak of sensations together.
  • Give maximum attention to your partner. Try to make sure that she enjoys intercourse. Remember that your goal is joint satisfaction.

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