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How to pump chest?

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How to pump chest?

To pump up the chest at home, you must perform a set of exercises aimed at the work of the pectoral muscles. Training should be regular, best done daily.

How to pump chest using pushups

  1. The easiest option is the usual push-ups from the floor. If you do not be lazy and perform several sets of 12-15 pushups every day, you can strengthen the pectoral muscles. Exercise is performed in an emphasis lying down, arms should be located approximately shoulder-width apart, and the back should be even. Between approaches you can take a couple of minutes to rest.
  2. Push up from the floor "alternative". To perform this exercise, you must take all the same support lying down. Having pulled away once, it is necessary to rearrange the left hand a little to the right, and to put the right hand at the level of the right shoulder and to wring out. Further, the right hand again needs to be rearranged to the left, and the left one to be placed at the level of the left shoulder and to be wrung out. Thus, such "steps to the sides" are performed by hands. Exercise is very effective for pumping the muscles of the chest, but it is quite difficult to perform.
  3. Also difficult exercise - push-ups with narrow hands. You need to lean your hands on the floor, and put your hands next to one another at the level of the middle of the chest so that your fingers touch. Run byPump up chest10-15 push-ups in several approaches, between which you can relax for one minute. Together with the pectoral muscles during the execution of this exercise, the arms (triceps) are also strengthened.
  4. After you will perform the first three exercises for 2-3 weeks, you can start the more difficult and demanding physical exercises. To perform them, you must take the floor box (you can replace it with a couple of thick books). One hand should be put on the box, and the other should rest on the floor. To pump up the muscles of the chest, you need to do 12-15 pushups in 4 sets on each of the hands. Between approaches, you need to rest no longer than 1.5 minutes.
  5. The following exercise - push-ups from the floor box with narrow-set hands. It is similar to that described under No. 3, with the only difference being that it is necessary to be wrung out from an auxiliary object. For good results, 4 sets of 15 presses should be performed.
  6. The most difficult exercise is �push up with jumps.� To perform again require a floor box. First, you need to put your hands on a support and wring out, and when lifting, jump abruptly with your hands to the floor, wring out again, and then again in the jump to move your hands to the support. You will not complete this exercise without preparation, so it is added to the general training not earlier than in a month of classes. Should perform a couple of repetitions of 10 pushups.

Pushups will make relief not only the chest, but also the arms and shoulder girdle of the back.

Exercises with dumbbells and a barbell

It is possible to pump up a breast in house conditions, using various auxiliary objects. Weights are usually used in those cases if they want to give the maximum load on the chest muscles, develop them even more and build muscle mass. It is best to perform exercises with a barbell at the very beginning of the workout, so that you can take the maximum possible mass.

  1. We press from the chest, holding the bar of the barbell and placing his hands a little wider than the width of the shoulders. Lying on the bench (you need someone to help with this exercise), gradually lower the barbell to the chest, and then lift it up above the chest.It is necessary to try not to rock the projectile, and not completely unbend the elbows. After watching the video on how to pump up the chest with the help of a rod, you can understand the correctPump up chestsequencing. The weight of the projectile is selected individually depending on the physical fitness and build of the person.
  2. Exercises with dumbbells to adjust the shape of the chest also perform lying on the bench. To do this, take a projectile in each hand and straighten the arm upwards in a jerk. The advantage of dumbbell exercises is that you can do jerks alternately with your left or right hand. But it is better if the arms simultaneously move upwards, aiming at a position above the center of the chest, but at the same time they will not touch. Constant tension in the muscles will persist if you do not straighten your arms to the end. The number of repetitions at the very beginning of training is regulated independently, depending on the level of fitness.
  3. Dumbbells can not only be lifted from the prone position, but also to swing the arms with them to the sides, to make movements like a �boxer� while holding the load in your hands. By the way, if you do not have these dumbbells, you can fill with water simple plastic bottles and use them instead of dumbbells.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Many are interested in whether it is possible to pump up the chest, pulling up on the bar. This can be done, pull-ups - the easiest and most affordable way to train. Even if the crossbar is not in the apartment or house, it is likely to be found in any yard.

The most accessible and simple exercise on the bar to inflate the pectoral muscles is, no matter how trite, simple pulling up. There are two options for gripping the bar of the bar - straight (when the palm is directed away from the face), and the opposite (the palm "looks" at the face).Pump up chestAfter a couple of weeks of such simple pull-ups, the exercises on the horizontal bar can be complicated. It is necessary to begin with simple direct interception of a crossbeam, having taken it more conveniently. It is better if the arms are shoulder-width apart. Then you just need to pull up as many times as possible.

It is possible to pump up another group of chest muscles if you use a reverse intercept of the crossbar (the hands are turned towards the face). And with an increase in the number of repetitions and approaches, the muscles will develop more actively.

When the arms become strong and strong enough, you can do the exercises differently.The head should rise in front of the horizontal bar, and the hands should remain behind the back of the head on the crossbar. And very much trained people can pull up with additional weight on their legs, for example, with weights.


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