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How to take a bath?

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How to take a bath?

If you started a major overhaul in the bathroom, then you probably wonder how to remove the old bath. This task is far from easy. In addition, it should be done as carefully as possible, because the dismantled plumbing can be reused, for example, in the country.

Required tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • screwdriver;
  • set of wrenches;
  • pliers;
  • knife.

Stages of work

  1. The very first stage is preparatory. Before you remove the bath, you need to remove from the bathroom all the excess and as much as possible to clearTake a bathspace. Of course, furniture is the first to go; cabinets, bedside tables, shelves, not to mention their contents. When overhauling plumbing equipment should also be removed. Mixer, sink, toilet (with combined bathroom) can interfere with the dismantling of the bath. If desired, you can even remove the door from the hinges, so as not to scratch the door leaf;
  2. Then you need to disassemble the floor siphon, which is located under the bath. At this stage, problems may arise if the old siphon connection has become attached.In this case, experienced plumbers resort to the following actions: they cut the drain grate with a hacksaw if it is doneTake a bathfrom soft non-ferrous metal, or knock it down with a chisel. After that, side cuts should be made along the inside of the drain grate. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the enamel bath. When the cuts are ready, the drain must be carefully knocked out, crushing it inside. There is another option - grinder saw off the drain from the bottom as close as possible to the bottom of the bath, and remove the drain grate after the bath is dismantled and moved to a larger room;
  3. Next, you need to disconnect the overflow pipe and pull out the drain pipe from the sewer socket. Sewer pipe should be tightly closed withTake a bathusing pre-prepared cork, with a diameter of 70-80 mm or unnecessary rags, from which you make a tight gag;
  4. Do not forget to disconnect the grounding, which is attached to the eye at the bottom of the bath;
  5. Often, ceramic tiles in the bathroom on the walls laid right up to the bath. At least the bottom level can be gently removed with a wide chisel or chisel.If, after removing the tile in the gap between the wall and the bathroom, there remains a strip of solution, then it should be carefully knocked down also with a chisel. In this case, the movement should be directed from the bottom up, from under the bath.


When dismantling the cast-iron bath, the main difficulty lies in its weight. You will have to resort to outside help to remove the bath from the room. In this case, it is advisable to think in advance how it will be necessary to unfold it in the process, so that it passes through the doorway.

When removing an acrylic bath, you will, among other things, have to cut a layer of silicone sealant pumped into the gap between the bathroom and the walls, and also unscrew the hooks that press it to the walls. If the acrylic bath is installed on the supports, they should be disassembled with a screwdriver.


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