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How to remove a toothache

For such purposes, our ancestors used several very effective methods.
To relieve a toothache, you need to understand its cause. If you find a cavity in the tooth, it is still half the problem, but it can happen and so, the pain will come from the depths of the tooth, then your cause is bad. All sorts of compresses, pastes and rinses will help only if they can get into the hearth of pain. In other cases, you need to use ear massage and methods of manual therapy.
Suppose you have a cavity in a tooth, and it is absolutely clear to you that it hurts right there. In order to relieve a toothache in this case there are three recipes.
For the first recipe you will need onions, garlic and salt. Pestle pound onion and garlic. Add salt and turn it all into a homogeneous mass. Then gently fill this mixture with the cavity of the tooth and press it with a cotton swab. After a while you will feel relieved.
The second solution to the problem is rinsing. In a glass of water, dissolve 4 drops of iodine, a teaspoon of salt. Water should be a little warm.So start the solution to rinse the tooth. Note that with severe pain, this method works while the solution is in the cavity.
The third option is the easiest. It is based on the use of propolis. Propolis is a product that bees produce in the process of laying honey. It can also help perga, rich in bee venom. To get rid of a toothache, you need to take a piece of propolis and place it in the cavity of the tooth.
Naturally, not one of the traditional treatment options can cope with the problem.


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