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How to remove the "ears" on the hips?

The ears on the top is not so scary, but the “ears” on the hips for every woman is a disaster. Well, of course, if a girl watches herself, with her figure and appearance as a whole. These unpleasant "ears" on the side of the hips from a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, from an unhealthy diet and by sad coincidence, are inherited. How to remove the "ears" on the hips, which do not decorate the female figure at all and do not allow to wear fashionable attractive clothes.

Causes of "ears"

If mother nature or great-grandmother has awarded you with “ears”, then there's nothing you can do. Of course, there is no need to put up with this lawlessness and it is necessary to constantly exercise and do a careful selection of clothes that will hide this shortcoming.

And here, if the “ears” on the hips increase day by day and the reason for that is laziness, overeating and simply indifference to their once slim figure. Many thin girls think wrongly, believing that the “ears” do not threaten them.Alas, fatty deposits on both sides of the thighs can appear in plump women and in those who are not different in their pomp and shape.

Exercises against the "ears" on the hips

Get rid of the "ears" on the hips will help active exercise. This can be attributed to the swinging movement of the legs and simple squats. But you need to squat so that the heels are not torn off from the floor, the loin is bent, and the buttocks are pulled back. You can still do squats, bending your knees and spreading them synchronously to the sides. During the squattings, the hull is straight. Only with proper exercise will the effect, as they say, on the hips.

Be sure to disappear "ears" on the hips. Exercises should be done not from time to time, but regularly. You can also fork out for a high-quality vibrating massager for problem areas in parts of the body. Practice regular morning and evening runs, which perfectly strengthen the muscles and calves, thighs and buttocks.

Massage against the "ears"

A few words about the miraculous power of massage, which is also aimed at combating fat deposits in the most attractive part of the female body - buttocks and thighs.It must be done once every ten days - in late spring and autumn.

The programs of callanetics and pilates that are popular nowadays are also good at fighting the ears on the hips. Firstly, these exercises have few contraindications, and secondly, they spare the cardiovascular system during stress on the muscles.

Fighting "ears" in the gym

The gym and gym have come up with wise and visionary people. After all, they knew very well that the time would come when all the women of the Universe would want to get rid of the "ears" on the hips. Is this not the case? Well, if so, then go to these sports centers and boldly give yourself into the hands of experienced coaches and instructors. They know the exercises from the “ears” on the thighs and will gladly share with you the secret of perfection of the ideal female figure.

Practice shows that only 15 minutes a day of physical activity can dramatically change the shape of the buttocks and make the female hips elastic without the cunning "ears." You need to do at least a month, then the effect will amaze even the most doubters.

According to statistics, men when looking at a woman often pay attention to the hips and the shape of the buttocks.Of course, everything else does not escape the gaze of connoisseurs of beauty, but the “ears” inspire very few people. And, above all, they should annoy the girls themselves, because only then will they want to get rid of them quickly. Many people know that patience and hard work are going to be done, but against the ears on the thighs, exercise will also help. Successes and eternal harmony to you girls!


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