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How to remove subscribers in contact?

November 12, 2012
How to remove subscribers in contact?

In contact, it became possible to view updates of people, even if they are not your friends. Other people are also able to subscribe to your updates without asking for your consent. In general, not everyone is satisfied. If adding friends is a process of mutual consent of people, then here you are simply not given a choice, subscribe to your updates and watch. If this does not suit you, read how to keep subscribers in contact.

Delete VK followers

Let's start with the radical method. Blacklisting unwanted user.

  1. Go to the contact page. Under your photo there is a button "My subscribers", press it.
  2. Here is a list of all subscribers. Place the cursor on the desired (or rather unnecessary) person; a cross will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Press it, then "Continue."
  3. Everything, the person is blacklisted and will not be in your subscribers.

Just remember that this method has two but. First of all, a person cannot communicate with you in any way.Secondly, the process will be time consuming if there are many subscribers, as each will have to be deleted separately.

You can do more humane way - do not remove subscribers in contact, but limit their access to some of your information.

  1. On the page go to "Settings", tab "Privacy".
  2. Put down all items of visibility only for your friends.

True, this method will not restrict access completely, yet some of the information will remain available.


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