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How to rename a folder?

Sometimes you have to think of Windows users how to rename a folder. Although the need to rename the system folder does not arise as often and often, there are still times when it is necessary to rename the name of the organization or the user name that was entered during the installation of the operating system itself. And this should be done in order to avoid confusion with the names of users on a particular personal computer. So, you should consider the detailed process of how to rename a folder in the Windows system.

Special utilities

It should be noted that a simple way to rename in this case is not enough, since absolutely all system folders are tied to the registry of the operating system. If it were possible to rename them as easily as any other folders, then after changing the name of the system folder, the operating system simply would not start. Therefore, it is necessary to rename the system folders with the help of special utilities that will not disturb the Windows registry.

Renamer program

For novice users, using a utility called Renamer is a great option. It can be very easily found on the Internet and downloaded to your computer. This program is fully distributed on free terms.

So, after you have downloaded this program and launched it, you should study the interface of this utility. On the program panel are absolutely all programs. In order to open the panel of additional programs, you must click on the main command. It should be noted that depending on the specific version of this program, the position of the commands also changes. Using the program menu, you must select the folder you want to rename. By the way, this program is convenient in that it allows you to rename many folders at the same time, but it is recommended to rename system folders separately.

Instructions for work

First select the menu line called "Browser". After that you will see how the list of all folders stored on your computer will open. From the list you need to select the desired system folder. Please note that you may see a danger warningoutgoing from the renaming of this folder. In this case, you should click on the "OK" button and proceed to the next step. You need to right-click on the selected file, and then select the “add to free select” command. In it you will see a tab called “free select”, click on it. There will be a folder you sent. Click on it, select the “manual rename” command and enter a new folder name. In that case, having done all the above-mentioned manipulations, it was not possible to rename the folder, this means that the renaming function is locked in the program menu itself. What to do in this case? How to rename a folder? Windows will allow you to do this very simply. To do this, it is enough to disable the blocking of the rename function in the program menu

Well, now you are an experienced user and know how to rename the "unusual" folder. Try it and make sure it is very easy!


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