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How to ride on the machine?

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How to ride on the machine?

If you ask the drivers what gearbox is better, their opinions will definitely be divided. Someone used to ride on proven mechanics, and someone can no longer do without his machine. Let's figure out how to ride on the machine.

Start of movement

Any trip begins with starting and warming up the engine of the car. Do not immediately go on the road. If the weather is positive, it will take a few minutes for the machine to evenly distribute the oil around the box, and it will take on a working look. The colder it is on the street, the longer you need to warm up the car, so in extreme cold you have to stand with the engine running for more than 10 minutes. And for the engine such a warm-up will only benefit. It is also important to remember that the car engine with a gun can only be started in the “N” or “P” position. Even better from the "P" position. Sometimes the wrong position of the lever box can prevent the establishment of the motor.

When the car is warm, you can start driving. We switch the box lever from position “P” to another position for movement and wait for a light push.You will have to wait only one or two seconds, but, and if you press the gas sharply without waiting for the mode to switch, this can lead to a breakdown.


A car with an automatic transmission is controlled with only one leg. The second leg is always on the stand on the left. Driving a car with a gun with two legs is very dangerous. For example, you keep one foot on the brake and the other on the gas, and an obstacle suddenly appears in front.

For sudden braking, you press the brake, but by inertia your body leans forward and the gas is pressed, so effective braking will not occur of course. In this case, instead of braking, acceleration can occur.


Let's look at how to ride on the box machine, and what it has modes of operation.

  • Mode "P". In this mode, the shaft and the drive wheels are locked. Mode "P" is used in the parking lot, long stops and when you leave the car. Switch the box to this mode should only be after a complete stop of the machine. One more thing: in order to place the lever in the “P” position, it is necessary to press the brake pedal.It is not necessary to include this mode while driving, it will lead to car breakdown.

When you put the car on a relatively flat surface, you do not need to use the handbrake. When your car is on a steep slope, then to reduce the load on the mechanisms involved in parking, it is better to follow this scheme for setting the handbrake:

  • hold the brakes and pull the handbrake,
  • release the brake, the machine may move slightly,
  • switch the machine to mode "P".

To release the handbrake:

  • the lever box is translated into motion mode,
  • holding the brake, remove the handbrake.


How to ride on the machine in reverse? Mode "R" is used to move backwards, that is, in reverse. In this mode, you can switch after a complete stop of the machine and pressed the brake pedal. If you switch to this mode while driving, it will damage the engine components, transmission and the gearbox itself.

Neutral transmission

Mode "N" is used when it is necessary to move the car when the engine is running at a close distance, for example, in the service station. Many drivers think that when a car is coasting from a slide, switching to a neutral gear can save some amount of fuel. But it is not.After all, when the slide is over, you will have to switch on the “D” mode again, and this gives an additional load on the automatic transmission. In addition, the lever should not be shifted to neutral at short stops, such as traffic lights.

Basic driving mode

Mode “D” is used to drive a car. On the automatic transmission, this mode is suitable for movement from 0 to maximum speed.

Only two first gears

Mode "2" is recommended when driving on winding roads, or when towing another car. When the speed of the car is more than 80 km / h it is not recommended to use this mode.

First gear only

Mode "L" is used under difficult road conditions, while overcoming off-road, for example. This mode should not be used when the speed is above 15 km / h.

It is not enough to understand how to drive the machine, you need to know and additional modes of operation.


  • OverDrive (O / D). This button is available only for those automatic transmissions that have more than three gears. Enable this mode can be on the lever box. The fourth speed is allowed only if the “O / D” button is recessed. And if you click on it, then the “O / D OFF” light on the instrument panel will light up - this means that the mode is activated.This mode is necessary for overtaking other cars or in other cases when fast acceleration is needed. It is also convenient to use this mode during long rises.
  • Kick Down This mode is activated with a sharp pressure on the gas. The box at this time switches to two or one gear down, so there is a rapid acceleration. It is not recommended to use this mode for acceleration "from a place", it is necessary to accelerate to at least 20 km / h.
  • SNOW. This mode is designed to move in the winter. Acceleration in this mode starts immediately from the second speed, which reduces the likelihood of the drive wheels sliding. Sometimes this mode is used in the summer because with it the fuel consumption is minimal.

On the Internet, there are many tips on how to ride a machine, videos, instructions, and more. Therefore, if you have just purchased a car with an automatic transmission, then this article will be useful for you. And if after reading it you still have questions, there is still a lot of information on the Internet that will help you to fully understand everything. But the most important thing is practice.


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