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How to save a drowning man

Do not panic if you see that a person in the water began to wallow hands and cry for help. Mobilize, do not waste time, but proceed very carefully. It is not uncommon for a lifeguard to go under water with a drowning person.
Swim up to the person just behind, otherwise an unconsciously drowning person will cling to you and prevent you from moving. Catch the rescued under the arms or by the hair, lift it face up above the water and row to the shore.
If you quickly responded and the victim did not have time to inhale the water, you can quickly bring it to life by rubbing and wrapping it in dry clothes. Good help hot strong sweet tea and support of others.
But a person may swallow water, then pull him onto the shore, put his stomach on his bent knee and press his hand on his back so that the water comes out of the lungs. The head of the victim should be below the chest, so that the fluid flows freely. Remove water, vomit and ooze with a towel or handkerchief from the nose and mouth of a person.
Put the victim on his back and check for a pulse.Do not forget that if a person does not breathe for more than two minutes, it can lead to death. If you have not found a pulse, do mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and an indirect heart massage. This is done like this: four or five times sharply push the palms together on the victim's chest and blow air into his open mouth. In a minute you need to do 64-90 pushes and 16 breaths.
Elderly massage is done sparingly, do not press too hard. And for young children, dots are not made with palms, but with fingers. Do not do an indirect heart massage if the pulse, even the weakest, is felt. With such actions you can stop the heart. Before pressing sharply on the chest, make sure once again that there is no heartbeat.

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