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How to sell by phone?

One of the most important secrets of entrepreneurship is the pursuit of something to which the soul lies more. The type of activity does not matter, whether it is the manufacture of goods or the provision of services. Sales can be conducted not only through direct interaction with the buyer, but also through telephone sales. Let's look at how to sell on the phone.

The use of a conventional wired phone in the process of selling goods is one of the most effective ways to establish contact with potential customers of your network. Also, with its help, you can agree on a meeting place and other conditions of cooperation.

Sales secrets

If you want to use the phone not as a means of communication, but as a means of selling goods, then it is worth noting that the consultant should know how to sell goods over the phone with excellent quality.

Consider the most frequently used techniques to ensure that sales of goods went to "cheers".

  • The first thing to do is to overcome your own fear of calling a stranger.Convince yourself that by calling another person you will not do anything wrong. He will not meet you with aggression and swear at you. Be confident. It is necessary to realize that the worst thing that can happen is simply tossing the tube at the second end of the wire. If this does not happen, you can be sure that you will find new customers.
  • First, find the approach to the interlocutor. Do not start a conversation with the imposition of products. First of all, collect the necessary information about your client. To start a conversation, you need to know exactly what your interlocutor needs and what is not needed. If you are sure of the need for your services, it will be much easier to sell the product.
  • Develop an approximate conversation script. Dialing the number, you need to know exactly what you will say to the interlocutor. Careful preparation for the call not only calms your nerves, but also allows you to focus on those details that should not be missed. You need to behave in a conversation as naturally as possible.
  • Try to ask only "open" questions. The questions asked by you to the interlocutor must include a detailed answer.You do not need to give your interlocutor answers, try to hear his own opinion. Develop a few questions that would begin with the phrases “What do you think?” And “What do you think?”. If the interlocutor speaks out on a specific occasion, then it will be much easier for you to find a “common language” with him.
  • Make friends with your potential customers. To know how to sell goods by telephone successfully, you need to find the right approach to the interlocutor. If you call a large corporation, then be sure that it has a secretary who will personally answer the calls. Try to find common topics for conversation with him, and only then smoothly move under the topic of selling your product.

Remember that the secretaries are management assistants, they will be able to convince their superiors to purchase this or that product. She plans not only the working hours of her superiors, but also sometimes manages procurement and contracts. Try to communicate with them as politely as possible, only then they will become you not only the best partners, but also true friends. Even if you fail to sell your goods with their help, they will tell you in which direction it is best to act.

These are the basic rules for selling goods over the phone.You just need to remember them if you do not know how to sell tours by phone or other goods.


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