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How to set up a game for the game on the grid

You will need
  • - the Internet.
Make sure your game supports networking. Visit the sitegamesand on the product version, find the description. If your game is absolutely not intended togameson the network, then nothing can be helped here. If the game over the network is implemented in another version, download and install another version.games. Install the same versiongameson the computers of other players. As a rule, on the box fromgamesit will always be written whether it supports localthe gamewith other players on the Internet and on the network, or not.
Set up a local network. Check that the computers respond easily to each other. Without a working network, proceed to setupgamesdoes not make sense. Find network setup instructionsgames. If a network game requires a server (virtual or real), install the server according to the instructions. Some games just need to specify the main server, and other computers on the network to provide its ip-address.
Create a networkthe gameand try to start playing. Do not despair if the game does not start over the network.Study the Internet - most likely you didn’t have such problems, and a solution was found long ago. To implement networkgamesyou need a connected cable to both computers, as well as IP addresses assigned to both personal computers. All this is done in the Network Neighborhood.
Any networkthe gamecan be configured to work on a local network. Do not use problematic network equipment that you are not sure about. It is difficult to identify, and then solve the problems arising from the incorrect operation of any network resource. It is also worth noting that manygamesdo not allow to connect to the network game because of the pirated recording, as it is unreliable.

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