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How to sew a blanket?

Want to know how to sew a blanket? After all, a blanket is the most important sleeping accessory on your bed. It at the same time warms, and provides evaporation of moisture. The body under the blanket should "breathe." This article provides instructions on how to sew a blanket at home.

How to sew a blanket with your own hands

The blanket, which has an artificial filler, has several advantages over a cotton and downy product. The synthetic blanket is definitely lighter than cotton. It is easier to wash, unlike a duvet, and dries quickly.

For sewing you will need a synthetic winterizer (measure the length and width of the blanket) and fabric (two squares of the blanket with seam allowances). Also, do not do without tailors ruler and square. Prepare a sewing machine, needles with thread and scissors. Let's start:

  • Decide on the length and width of the blanket. Take a synthetic winterizer and cut out the rectangle you need. By the way, you can sew a multi-layered blanket. In this case, the product will go several times more than padding. It may happen that the width of the sintepon will be less than the width of the future blanket.Therefore, you should cut out another strip of the required size and sew it to the main piece with the help of a frequent seam “forward needle”. Do the same with all layers.
  • It is necessary to lay all the pieces of the padding polyester on each other, aligning the edges so that none of them protrude. Next, sweep the pieces along the diagonals together (the seam "forward needle"). It is necessary to sweep over the edge of the blanket gasket.
  • From the fabric should get 2 rectangles equal in area to the blanket. Consider seam allowances. Sew together the prepared pieces of fabric and stitch them (fold them with the front sides inward). Leave one short side unstitched. Turn out the resulting cover and iron it.
  • Insert a sintepon gasket into the case. Align each side of the gasket with the side seams of your cover and pin the gasket with pins. Bend the inside of the non-stitched side. They need to stitch, while grabbing the gasket.
  • It is necessary to sew a blanket, grabbing the gasket, on all side seams. You need to mark the line in 5-10 centimeters from each edge and stitch the product again. Sketch out a few horizontal or vertical lines and follow the blanket along them.

How to sew a quilt

For the product, with the front side of the differently colored pieces of fabric, you will need three-color calico, satin in two colors, a synthetic winterizer and a satin ribbon.

This instruction gives you an idea how to sew a quilt out of shreds:

  • Decide on the size of the blanket and the squares of which it will consist. Next, you should draw a color scheme of the future product.
  • You need to cut the squares. Each of them consists of three elements: the upper part, the pad of synthetic padding and the lower part.
  • After that, each square should be folded in the following way: bottom upwards, face down, then sintepon and face down top. The square must be stitched on three sides and then turned out. Sew the fourth part. Repeat the same with all the squares.
  • Combine all the square parts in a drawing pattern and sweep them together. Stitch on a typewriter with a zigzag or over the edge seam. When stitching, sew around the edge of the satin ribbon.
  • The reverse side may be monochrome or consist of patches.

Now you know how to sew a blanket. Using imagination and diligence, you can sew a very original blanket that will be useful in everyday life.


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