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How to sew a sheet?

Sheets on an elastic band enjoy wide popularity. This is due to the emergence of a large number of beds of European sizes, for which spring mattresses are mainly used. For such beds, the usual sheet is too narrow, it constantly moves during sleep. It is also not always possible to buy a ready-made kit with sheets on an elastic band of the desired size and color and quality. In this case, there is no other way out, except to sew a sheet independently.

Sew a sheet at home is quite difficult, the seeming simplicity is deceptive. The width of the fabric is 220 cm, and for a mattress having a length of 200 cm, the required minimum length is 260 cm. It is very difficult to repeat the rounded corners of the mattress, and they are rarely square. If you do not have experience in sewing such products, then there is a high risk to spoil the fabric, or to sew a sheet, the corners of which will be shifted. Before you sew a sheet, you need to make a quality pattern and check it well. Also, it would not be superfluous to make a small pattern of corners from a newspaper in order to make sure that their cut is correct.The benefits of such sheets are great. The bed, torn to her, looks neat and fresh. The downside is its greater cost and the greater amount of work on cutting and sewing the product.

Cutting and sewing

Consider step by step how to sew a sheet on an elastic band.

  • After you are once again convinced of the correctness of the pattern, transfer it to the fabric, cut off the extra corner sections. The missing piece of fabric is usually sewn to the top. Consider seam and hem allowances. Copy the rounding corners and transfer to the pattern. In a correctly made pattern and a mattress, the lengths of the diagonals coincide. Leave seam allowances when cutting rounding the corner. Because of these roundings, the connecting seams will be longer.
  • If you plan to sew a sheet of coarse calico, having a standard width of 220 cm, then you will need about three meters of such fabric.
  • It is recommended to process the seams with an overlock and an additional line. The linen seam in this case will be too rough and stand out. Pick up strong, but not thick threads. The main thing that they are not destroyed by moisture. Set the stitch size on the sewing machine to the middle. A small line will not make the seam strong.
  • Now we have an important stage in such a difficult task, how to sew a sheet with an elastic band - we need to sew the elastic itself. First you need to calculate how much gum is required. This affects the quality of the gum. If the gum is weak, then later it will become even weaker. It is better not to tune it on the edge of the hem, but rather to sew it into the hem itself. In this case, you can adjust it if necessary, this is especially true after many washes. You can sew gum zigzag. Then you need to sew an elastic gum and make it a special foot. You can also sew a wide elastic band, while you will not need a lot of fabric to hem. This gum is more durable. The thin elastic band attached by a zigzag will be difficult to replace if necessary.
  • Klammers are used to ensure that the sheet is well tightened. Their use is practical and efficient. They provide additional fixation sheets.

Now you know how to sew a sheet on an elastic band with your own hands. This will allow you to make bedding comfortable and comfortable to use. We wish you good luck!


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